Education is considered essential in the process of raising and building a strong society. Our team works every year to provide Syrian refugees with quality education which is one of their simplest rights. We work on funding both school and university students until the moment they can rely on themselves.

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Haytham, Special Educational Needs College Student

Haytham is a great young man, he lost his both legs after being shot while leaving Syria to continue ...


Amount   1500
Left   736

Nada , a pharmacy student

Nada, an excellent pharmacy student, she feld to jordan with her uncle and her grandfather since her ...


Amount   2000
Left   1150

Bayan, a Pharmacy student

Bayan is an excellent Pharmacy student, she lives with her family in Jordan. She finished the first ...


Amount   2330
Left   2105

Anas, a student in islamc academy.

After the death of their father in a painful car accident, Anas and his three brothers took the resp ...


Amount   300
Left   185

Mohammad, Civil Engineer student

Mohammad is a fifth year Civil Engineering student in Jordan. Mohammad is known in Jordan for helpin ...


Amount   3020
Left   2030

Fadi, an Industrial engineering student

Fadi is an Industrial engineering student and he lives in Turkey. Due to the financial problems he h ...


Amount   1400
Left   359

Abdulrahman, a Business Management student

Abdulrahman is an excellent university student. Unfortunately, he had to stop studying after he fled ...


Amount   1000
Left   265

Nisreen - a female civil engineering student

Nisreen is an excellent student at the faculty of civil engineering. After, martyrdom of her siblin ...


Amount   800
Left   260

Amer, a student in the faculty of medicine

Amer is a student in the faculty of medicine, he is from Homs, and he was an excellent student in hi ...


Amount   1400
Left   968

Shahed, Architecture student

Shahed, She graduated from high school last year and she is looking forward to enroll in Architectur ...


Amount   200
Left   45

Batool, a fine arts student

Batool had a dream of going to fine arts school, but her financial situation was not helping to affo ...


Amount   500
Left   500

English literature female student

Sarah , a girl who fled to Jordan with her family , lives in poor conditions since her father is sic ...


Amount   1550
Left   709