The Team secures psychological and financial support for orphans in general and displaced orphans in particular, and regards them as a nucleus of hope for the future of Syria and Arab countries.

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Abudllah, an orphan child from Homs countryside

Abudllah is an orphan child from Homs countryside. He was born on 2011, he love playing and having fu ...


Abdel Malek, an orphan from Damascus Suburbs.

On 26/8/2012, when Abdel Malek was one year old, he lost his rock, his father who died under torture ...


Ahmad, an orphan child from Homs

Ahmed is an orphan child from Homs. He stopped pursuing his studies because of the poor conditions. H ...


Hayat, an orphan from Homs countrysides

Hayat is an orphan from Homs northern countryside. She was born on 2012. Her father martyred in the r ...


Ghazal, a child from Darayya

Ghazal is a child from Damascus's country side, Darayya. Was born on 1/1/2005. Her father got arreste ...


Mohammad, an orphan from Aleppo

Mohammad was born in 30/07/2006, his father martyred in 29/07/2012 after clasher with Assad regime in ...


Yahya, an orphan male child from Damascus's country side

Yahya is from Damascus's country side. A second grade child who was deprived fatherly love in a smal ...


Yousef is a little boy from Damascus's country side

A child's prosperity may fade if it wasn't pampered .. Yousef's vibes and innocence drags all hearts ...


Qamar, an orphan little child from Aleppo

Qamar was born on 1/7/2016 and lives with her mother and sister inside the wounded Syria.. She lost h ...


Mahmoud, an orphan child from Damascus countryside

Mahmoud was born in Damascus country side on the 3rd of November,2000. He lives with his family witho ...


Abudlwahed an orphan child from Homs

Abdulwahed lives in Al-Zafaranah, he is originally from bab houd. He was born on 20th of December-201 ...


Abdel Malek, an orphan from Homs Governorate

When he asks about his father, they answer he is still alive but in a far place. he is great man, lov ...