The Team secures psychological and financial support for orphans in general and displaced orphans in particular, and regards them as a nucleus of hope for the future of Syria and Arab countries.

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Ali is an orphan child from Homs

Ali is a 11 years old child from Homs, he lives in a house with his mother and siblings. He loves fo ...


Mohamad An Orphan from Damascus suburbs

Mohamad was born on 23 June 2003 and he lives with his mother and six siblings in his uncle's house i ...


Thaer, an orphan from Damascus Countryside

Thaer was born in 2004 in Darayya. He is the eldest child in his family and he studies in the fifth g ...


Mohammad, an orphan from Western Gouta

Mohammad is an orphan, he lives with his mother in Al Mukaiblieh, Western Gouta.he is 2 years old


Rasha, an orphan from Hama countrysides

Rasha is an orphan from Al-Latmanah in Hama countryside. She was born on 27th of october-2011. One of ...


Hussain, an orphan child from Aleppo

In 2015 Hussain lost his father; he was only five years old. Hussain was born in 1/11/2010 and his fa ...


Ghayath an Orphaned Child from Idlib City

Ghayath was born on 1 April 2010. His father was killed in an aerial shelling on his town on 11 Octob ...


Natalie, a child from Aleppo

Natalie lives with her mother, father and younger brother in Reyhanlı-Turkey. She was born in 2003, s ...


Omar from Idlib

Omar is an orphan kid .. he's 8 years old ... his favorite color is blue and he likes all kinds of ca ...


Mouhammed, an orphan boy from Damascus Countryside

Mouhammed ,who was born in 31/5/2005 in Daraya/Damascus Countryside , is a beautiful little boy who a ...


Ibrahim, an orphan from Aleppo

Ibrahim is an orphan from Aleppo. He is 7 years old. He lives with his mother and his brothers withou ...


Muhammed Nour from Idlib

Muhammed Nour is an orphan kid .. he's 12 years old ... he's in the seventh grade .. he likes soccer ...