The Team secures psychological and financial support for orphans in general and displaced orphans in particular, and regards them as a nucleus of hope for the future of Syria and Arab countries.

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Khaled, an orphan from Homs Governorate

It was a horrible sound and despite continuous raids and shelling, there was a one which was the most ...


Kadri, an orphan from Latakia province

A lot of reasons and thwarts but the pain is one! Kadri lost his dad in the jail of regime after a ye ...


Waleed an orphan from Damascus suburbs

His father died two years after he was born. Waleed was born on 20 September 2012. His father died d ...


Ahmad an Orphan from Damascus suburbs

Ahmad was born on 12 February 2005. He lives with his mother and three siblings in their house in Dam ...


Hussain, an child from Homs

Hussain is a child from Al-Qusair, Homs. He loves running and he thinks it makes him escaped the pres ...


Sileen an orphan from Idlib

Sileen was born on 25 January 2012 and she "lives" with her mother and brother Abdu ...


Amira an orphan child from Homs

Amira was born in 31/5/2005. His father was martyred on 20/9/2013. She lives with her mother and brot ...


Ouday, an orphan child from Homs countryside

Ouday is an orphan from Al-Dar Al-Kabeerah in northern countryside of Homs. He is only one year old. ...


Subhiya from Damscus

Subhiya is a mother of two daughters, one of whom was married and has a daughter, but unfortunately h ...


Four handicapped orphans in Idlib countrysides

Al-Hamidi family is made up of a mother and her four handicapped children. Their father is dead and t ...


Emad, a patient from Tripoli

Emad was born in 1992 and is originally from Homs, he lives in Tripoli and is suffering from back inj ...


Mohamad Ameen, a father from Aleppo, needs medical sponsorship

Mohamad Aneen is from Aleppo city, born in 1976, and a father of two. They all live with their mother ...