The Team secures psychological and financial support for orphans in general and displaced orphans in particular, and regards them as a nucleus of hope for the future of Syria and Arab countries.

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Doa'a an orphan child in lebanon

Doa'a is from Jableh, Syria and she lives in Tripoli, Lebanon. She is 15 years old. Her father martyr ...


Omar, an orphan from Idlib

Omar, a child who still in his early years, was born in Idlib. He was born on 10/8/2015 and has lost ...


Oubay a child from Damascus suburbs needs a sponsor

Oubay is a child from Damascus suburbs. His father was brutally detained by regime forces. He moved w ...


Kenan, an orphan from Homs

Kenan was born on 3/6/2011 in Homs. Kenan doesn’t know much about his father since he has been ...


Nour, an orphan from Lattakia

Nour lives in Lattakia, She was born in 7/11/1999. Her father passed away from a heart attack in 2006 ...


Asmaa, an orphan child from Idlib

Asmaa little girl, born on 1st Jan2005, like all children she was living a peaceful life with her par ...


Rawan , an orphan child from Douma

Rawan is an orphan child was born in 31/7/2003 lives with her mother and her brothers Husam and Khale ...


Waleed, a child from Darayya

On15/6/2014 the System has arrested Waleed's father. And despite the harsh situations Darayya town ha ...


Afra'a, an orphan child from Homs countryside

Afra'a is an orphan child, she was born in homs on 2004. Her live changed in the momment her father m ...


Yaman, an orphan from Damascus Countryside

Yaman is a sweet young girl from Darayya and was born in 2001. Her father was arrested in 2013 by Ass ...


Hussam, a child from Darayya

Hussam is a child from Daraya, he was born on 2002. His mother passed away and his father is detained ...


Abdulrahman, an orphan child from Damascus countryside

Abdulrahman is from Dariya, he lost his father at a very young age. Abdurahman’s father was tor ...