The Team secures psychological and financial support for orphans in general and displaced orphans in particular, and regards them as a nucleus of hope for the future of Syria and Arab countries.

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Maryam is a little girl from Idlib who can deeply benefit from being sponsored

Maryam's father was abducted to be detained in front of her innocent eyes ... The abduction scene sti ...


Qamar, an orphan from Damscus Suburbs

Despite her young age, and inability to withstand orphanhood or realize this sad situation. She was b ...


Hala, an orphan from Aleppo

Hala was born in 18/12/2009. Her father was killed by shelling in 3/8/2015. Hala lives now with her m ...


Radwa, an orphan from Idlib

Rawda is a child who lives between expectations and reality. Her father has been arrested since 10/9/ ...


Ghazal, an orphan from Latakia province

Ghazal is a child who lives As if she was an orphan! In 02/03/2008, she came to this world adding hap ...


Kadri, an orphan from Latakia province

A lot of reasons and thwarts but the pain is one! Kadri lost his dad in the jail of regime after a ye ...


Mustafa, an orphan from Latakia province

In 10/11/2011 , Mustafa's dad got arrested and disappeared till these days without any news about him ...


Muhammad Ghaith , an orphan from Damascus

Muhammad Ghaith was born in 1/1/1997. He lives with his two little sisters in Lebanon, their father w ...


Malek, an orphan from Damascus governorate

In October 2013, Malek lost his father who was martyred by a shell. As a result, he becomes nervous, ...


Rama, an orphan child from Al-Latmanah, Hama countrysides

Rama is an orphan child from Al-Latmanah, Hama countrysides. She was born on 22nd of June-2012. She w ...


Rama an Orphan from Damascus suburbs

Rama was born on 1 October 2000 and she has been living with her family of seven members. They live i ...


Ali's father was detained

Ali was born in 1/5/2012 he almost forgot his detained father's face, he lives now with his mother in ...