Inspire your Humanity

To be inspirational is to sow your seeds in the sky. To weave a pain-soothing dress out of laughter. To erase hardships with hope. To create an invincible bridge out of optimism. To be inspiring is... To build a glorious future for people whose pasts were stolen. To construct a road full of knowledge to strengthen the weak. To liberate those accustomed to captivity.

Our Projects:


Since its establishment, Molham Volunteering Team has sought to diversify its projects in an attempt to cover as many areas of need as possible. The Team’s projects include, but are not limited to, the following:

Healthcare:  The Team seeks to secure relief for medical conditions, to prioritize support according to medical need and urgency, and to follow up on treatments until full recovery.

Education: At the beginning of each academic year, the Team provides students with school supplies from the early grades all the way to higher education.

Orphan Care: The Team secures psychological and financial support for orphans in general and displaced orphans in particular, and regards them as a nucleus of hope for the future of Syria and Arab countries.

Emergency Campaigns: The Team launches emergency campaigns to address the needs of civilians in distressed areas subject to bombings, displacement, or harsh weather conditions.

Children’s Psychosocial Support: children receive the greater share of the Team’s attention, particularly in the beginning of the school year, in holidays and special occasions. The Team holds carnivals and parades in various areas several times each year, aiming to bring some happiness into the children’s difficult lives.

Talent Development: The Team always seeks to find and cultivate creative talents among Syrians by creating an innovative environment that allows these talents to flourish and play an active role in development and reconstruction.