Campagne 464

And whoever saves one- 2

Votre don va soulager leur souffrance
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Programme des campagnes et réactions urgentes

Pour soutenir les campagnes humanitaires et les campagnes de secours
Montant requis 175000
Payé 153459
reste 21541
  démarré en 21/03/2023
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We named her Farah (joy/happiness in Arabic), hoping happiness would be her destiny. However, she hasn’t experienced much joy, she’s always crying due to the burns and she hurts herself without knowing what to do.” The tears of Farah’s mother informed us of our little princess’s poor health condition. Their happiness turned into great sorrow and helplessness after she got burned by the heater, her eyes were effected and her eyelids changed positions! But the hardest parts are the deformations that are now hiding her beautiful expressions, and her family’s difficult circumstances are in the way of her treatment journey! Farah needs us to be able to secure the costs of her treatment. Your donation in any amount today will be the support for Alin to regain her health, brighten her family's home, and grow up like other children.

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 Il ya 6 mois

Campagne pour le cas 464 ajoutée par la section des campagnes et réactions urgentes

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Molham Volunteering Team est une organisation agréée dans plusieurs pays: en Turquie, en Allemagne, en Suède, en Jordanie aux Etas Unis et au Canada, soumise aux lois des autorités compétentes de ces pays. Elle regroupe des étudiants syriens qui viennent en aide aux réfugiés syriens se trouvant dans les camps.