Campagne 465

Support Orphans

Votre don va soulager leur souffrance
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Programme des campagnes et réactions urgentes

Pour soutenir les campagnes humanitaires et les campagnes de secours
Montant requis 200000
Payé 116183
reste 83817
  démarré en 21/03/2023
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" I keep thinking about where Aseel will stay if something happened to me, who's gonna care for her when I'm gone? I'm worried about her ... I'm scared her smile will fade. " Aseel's parents passed away due to the earthquake, and Aseel is now alone without her mother to hug her when she cries and her father to care for her ... She only has her elderly grandfather , who's trying his best to take care of her and comfort her left, and with every passing day, his fear for her grows ... Aseel needs help after becoming an orphan, she needs good hands to provide her needs and make her grandfather see that Aseel isn't alone, and that someone is looking after her. Your donations to the campaign will be hers, and hundreds of other orphans' support ...

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Campagne pour le cas 465 ajoutée par la section des campagnes et réactions urgentes

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Molham Volunteering Team est une organisation agréée dans plusieurs pays: en Turquie, en Allemagne, en Suède, en Jordanie aux Etas Unis et au Canada, soumise aux lois des autorités compétentes de ces pays. Elle regroupe des étudiants syriens qui viennent en aide aux réfugiés syriens se trouvant dans les camps.