Le cas 15837

A widow and her young orphans struggle to secure a living

Votre don leur changera la vie

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Noura fled with her three children, ages 6, 12, and 13, as a result of the heavy bombardment of their area. She didn't consider the challenges they would face later; all she wanted to do was to keep them alive. Noura and her children were forced to work for a meager wage because of their deteriorating living conditions. They have accumulated debts, find it difficult to pay their rent, and struggle to make ends meet. Two gloomy rooms that lack basic necessities make up their home. Noura is devastated by their living situation, and all she wants for her children is a decent life. Would you help Noura's family?

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L'association Molham est une association domiciliée en Allemagne, Turquie, Jordanie, Suède, et au Canada. Elle regroupe des étudiants syriens qui viennent en aide aux réfugiés syriens se trouvant dans les camps.