Le cas 17254

Abdul Rahman is in a dire need for your help

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Abd al-Rahman is in the twenties and he is a father of two young children. He was injured in a missile bombing on the city of Aleppo, which caused an injury to his foot and a shortening of 7 centimeters in it. He was displaced from the city of Aleppo to the countryside searching of a safer life. He lives in a one-room rented house. This poor family lacks all the necessities of life, the necessities that are important for any home. Abd al-Rahman works in a small shop, but what he earns is not even enough to secure their livelihood. Let us give them a hand and help to secure some of their necessary needs.

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L'association Molham est une association domiciliée en Allemagne, Turquie, Jordanie, Suède, et au Canada. Elle regroupe des étudiants syriens qui viennent en aide aux réfugiés syriens se trouvant dans les camps.