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8 members in a small room!

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After their house collapsed due to the earthquake, the family of eight members found themselves with no shelter except for a small, dilapidated room lacking furniture and essentials like a washing machine and refrigerator. The room is dark with no windows, depriving it of air and light. This adversely affects the health of the two children, Ahmed and Fatima, who suffer from asthma. They are living under difficult circumstances with their family, facing a lack of income as the father is unable to work due to a herniated disc in his back and neck. Could you please provide even a small amount of help to alleviate the family's distress?

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Molham Volunteering Team est une organisation agréée dans plusieurs pays: en Turquie, en Allemagne, en Suède, en Jordanie aux Etas Unis et au Canada, soumise aux lois des autorités compétentes de ces pays. Elle regroupe des étudiants syriens qui viennent en aide aux réfugiés syriens se trouvant dans les camps.