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It all happened in 2013. How could I forget this year! how could I erase from my memory the sound of the explosion and the scenes of blood! my heart was trembling and my tears streaming down. I could hear a whistling sound in my ears and see my sister on the ground. I didn't feel my pain, I was just trying to realize the death of my sister. I spent a whole month in the hospital and I would see that horrific scene every day in my dreams. But what added to my pain was the amputation of my right foot. I became disable. Prostheses sometimes help, but that did not make up for my loss. We moved to Jordan for treatment so I missed a whole year going from one hospital to another. However, I remained determined on my goal of learning. I went to one of the schools in the Zaatari camp. I passed the high school exam, but here everything dissipated. Our financial condition prevented me from completing my education journey, but I did not give up. I attended many educational courses. I developed myself in foreign languages and my talent in drawing. I learned to play the guitar, and I have a skill in acting. I learned a lot about handicrafts and I have a passion for fashion design, but my first dream is to obtain a bachelor's degree in translation because learning languages will help me reach the whole world and be an inspiration for people with disabilities. I have many foreign friends and dream of working with them in international companies. Your help will be my way to reach the world and overcome my disability.

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