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Shelter Department, work in progress..

Shelter Department, work in progress..

15 October 2022

While towers and residential buildings were rising worldwide, the Syrian cities were under successive collapse due to bombardment. So every piece of land became a choice for displaced people to establish their tents. Within a very short time, the number of camps increased sharply to represent one of the major humanitarian tragedies. By the time the bombardment stopped, and with the availability of some cities recognized as safe places we have launched the department of shelter in 2020. We started with two projects: Molham Village and Housing Units.

Molham Village :

- This project was launched in 2017 following the enormous wave of displacement from Aleppo. Then the project was suspended due to the recessive waves of displacement and due to unstable conditions. In addition, the priority was for the relief aids for displaced people.

- The aim of Molham Village is to provide accommodation for 300 families of orphans, injured people, and people with special needs in addition to the families of martyrs.

- The project involves housing units besides a mosque, a school, a health center, a cultural center, a market, and a garden.

- Three floor-based buildings were built including 66 apartments with 52 m2 for each one. Each apartment includes two rooms and facilities.

- In each building, there are two rooms with bathrooms for people with special needs.

- The apartments are well ventilated and lighted and all facilities are well organized for easy movement.

- The work is ongoing to develop a new design of the apartments and the building process will start in June 2021.

Project of Housing Units :

- five stages of this project are done with the establishment of a shelter for 1000 families.

- The project was implemented in three parts: in Barisha, Torolaha, and Izaz.

- The cost was higher than the estimated one due to many improvements we have done as follows :

we replaced the ceiling by isolating blankets with prefabricated cement ceilings.

Also, the area of the unit was increased from 16 m2, in Barisha project 1, to 24 m2 in Barisha project 2, and 32 m2 in Torolaha and Barisha 3 projects.

Each unit was firstly designed to have one room and then improved to have two rooms and facilities.

- We implement the project at the Syrian-Turkish bordering regions since they are relatively safe.

- We have built 960 housing units of 1671 rooms.

- At this time we are working on 320 housing units in Izaz, of 640 rooms with 58m2 for each unit.

- We have established a garden in the project of Izaz.

- In addition to 12 markets

- Also we work on building a mosque, a school, and a market with green spaces in the new project in Izaz.

Our planning and design are continuous throughout the year to improve the shelter properties and to make them more suitable for people. It is true that the results of this work seem to be time-consuming but it is long-lasting with a real impact on people's lives in camps. We are always grateful for your support and confidence and we wish our country all the dignity and a bright future.