Inspire your Humanity

To be inspirational is to sow your seeds in the sky. To weave a pain-soothing dress out of laughter. To erase hardships with hope. To create an invincible bridge out of optimism. To be inspiring is... To build a glorious future for people whose pasts were stolen. To construct a road full of knowledge to strengthen the weak. To liberate those accustomed to captivity.

Latest Cases

Child needing several surgeries

Huzaifa is a two year old child suffering since birth from hypoxia resulting in many congenital malf ...


Amount   1575
Left   1466

Lady needing a curettage surgery

Shireen is a young girl living with her family in the camp in a very bad condition and her husband i ...


Amount   420
Left   200

Lady suffering from bowel cancer

Haniya is a lady suffering from bowel cancer and is in need of chemotherapy sessions, she requires t ...


Amount   3150
Left   2860

Hala under the risk of cancer!

Hala was born with nevus on her back that could possibly turn into skin cancer if it doesn’t g ...


Amount   16000
Left   6972
Donate for our projects

Iftar meal and a present for a child

This campaign is dedicated for children who want and try to fast during the holy month of Ramadan.


Amount   11000
Left   0


Left   0

Eid celebration

to bring smiles back to 10,000 Syrian children


Amount   54000
Left   0

Photo Puzzles

A series of educational games for children


Amount   5000
Left   4086
Our most important campaigns in this year

Give Warmth Campaign

During Give Warmth campaign the team distributed winter Kits which included blankets, provide fire woods and diesel to families in Syria and in countries of asylum. winter clothes and boots especially for children as well.


Al Yarmook Camp Kitchen

Because of the siege on Yarmook Camp and on the south Damascus, the team launched a campaign to support the kitchens there, also to distribute cash on an ongoing basis to the needy families .


Save Douma Campaign

due to the continues shelling in Doma , the Team launched an emergency campaign to provide medical and relief Supplies for the wounded and the martyred families.


Razan's Fund for Cancer Patients

After international relief organizations have discontinued support for Syrian refugees diagnosed with cancer. The team helped Razan to continue her Treatment. In Addition, the team established Razan’s Fund for Cancer Patients, which allowed us to help a lot of patients to cover their treatment expenses.


Participate as a volunteer

any one is welcomed to help done this campaign


Received Donations

Anybody can review the donations received by the Team


Administrative Expenses

0% of the donations is used for administrative expenses


Direct Donate for the case

You can donate to the family or the hospital directly.