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With the efforts.. we’ve finished Ramadan!

With the efforts.. we’ve finished Ramadan!

18 August 2023

We will present to you a collection of videos from the month of Ramadan 2023 (1444 AH). 

By watching the videos, you will witness the impact of your support, and you might feel the love by seeing the smile on a child's face or hearing the heartfelt prayers of a grandfather or provider. 

As usual, we started with a meeting to plan the month's work, and of course, our understanding is the title of our work!

We started our Ramadan campaigns with orphans, delivering suhoor baskets to them and their families, with smiles and joy!

In the first week of Ramadan, we roamed in the city of Idlib and found nothing but its spirituality and atmosphere, and we asked Allah to keep the blessing of peace and safety on this land...

A decorated cow! That's how we distributed the meat and food baskets to displaced families.

We empathized with her... when her entire house burned down and she lost hope that Ramadan would be easy for her, but how did Molham Team respond to her?

On one of the school days at Fahd Ra'i School, a school that includes more than 1,000 students, we decided to make it a Ramadan day, instead of an educational day... and we broke our fast with the students in this atmosphere!

Because they always seek halal sustenance for their children, we could only try to make them happy and appreciate their efforts.

Execution is often unusual, and this time it's with dubbed voices!

Tears of joy and sincere prayer... were the reaction from someone who had written on their cart and source of livelihood: “For charity! Take what you need for free! "

Ibrahim was with us during Ramadan, and how not? He is in the hearts of millions!

Unfortunately, we heard the opinion of one of the youth before we distributed the food baskets, but his opinion cannot be relied upon; so what was the result?

"Market Al-Khair" hired the young man Aroa for a job interview, and he came out as its owner!

Thank you to those who were part of these moments!