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On Eid... Families left tents and became safe!

On Eid... Families left tents and became safe!

18 August 2023

They're the same people we used to visit among the shadows of the tents, exhausted and patient in the face of hardships. 

However, they're not the same anymore, their happiness is no longer dim, it's real, making our helplessness a source of hope.

We can finally hold festivals and carnivals in our residential projects because shelter is the source of happiness. It all began on Eid Al-Adha of 2023.

If it wasn't an ordinary Eid, it was the Eid of a lifetime ... we held many Eid activities and witnessed the joy of children, families, and grandparents who replaced the label " displaced " with " safe".

The Eid song is here!

The initiative started with the production of an Eid song, featuring children from the city of Idlib. It was filmed in various city neighborhoods, creating an extraordinary memory for Idlib and its children. And it's for us too!

Listen to the song on YouTube.

Molham Village Carnival during the Eid days.

Most of the families in Molham Village, located in the Rif- Azaz, are orphan families. These children were born into many hardships and are burdened with sadness. With every brick in the housing project, the goal was to break these constraints and make their lives safe and happy.

To watch the video from the Molham Village Carnival, click here.

Molham' Eid Festival

The Molham Team invited families in the city of Idlib to attend unforgettable Eid events on the 4th day of Eid. The festival took place in a park. It was attended by all productive families that they received support during the festival which was opened for all families.

The children who performed the "Eid is here" song participated in the festival, including a performance of the song, al-Arada al-Shamiya (Traditional dance), games, competitions for the children, and gatherings and sessions for the old. The families expressed their gratitude and the children were so happy. This is what made us feel over the moon.

You can watch the Molham Eid festival here.

Eid Givings campaign

In addition to the Eid campaign, the children's reactions to receiving their Eid givings, which we eagerly wait for every Eid, providing Eid clothes to hundreds of children in camps and refugee countries, and distributing " Eid Sweets" to witness the joy of displaced families.

Click here to watch the Eid Givings video for Eid Al-Adha

Perhaps these families had harsh conditions. They were patient although forced to take paths they didn't want to. Today, they only follow the path of happiness and safety.

Our hope, all our hope, is everyone in the tents has the same reality.