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Statistics of the Medical Department - First Half of 2023

Statistics of the Medical Department - First Half of 2023

31 August 2023

Displaced families in North Syria and in countries of asylum are living in very harsh conditions. They are suffering to barely cover the costs of some of their daily needs. In this conditions anyone who suffers any physical or health problems will suffer to get medications.


During the first half of 2023, the medical department responded to approximately 1,500 cases including: one-time aid, monthly guarantees, and campaigns for cancer patients, earthquake victims, and others. The most significant of these campaigns :were


Lung campaign: for premature babies who are at risk of dying or experiencing hypoxia. This campaign aims to protect them and ensure they are in good health.

 “And whoever saves one campaign 2: This Campaign aims to provide medications and heal the souls of people suffering severe health conditions.


Dose of Hope Campaign: for the cancer patients affected by the earthquake. This campaign aims to give cancer patients who were affected by the earthquake a dose of hope by providing their medications and covering their treatment costs.


 “Response to Earthquake Victims Campaign: Earthquake victims didn't only lose their houses; many of them also suffered fractures and lost limbs. This campaign aimed to support them and lessen their misery.


Molham Volunteering Team also continues to support its medical centres in Northern Syria in an effort to not get complacent about their pain and to seek an urgent diagnosis of their diseases in order to reduce the losses by securing the required medical care.

The medical centres are:

Bareesha Medical Centre: An Emergency medical spot in Bareesha camp.

Nyyara Medical Centre: A medical care center within Molham Volunteering Team Project in Azzaz city

Gaith Medical Laboratory: A medical laboratory in Idlib

Molham Physiotherapy Center: Provides physiotherapy treatment in Idlib

Molham Dental Clinic: Provides dental services in Lattakia countryside


Cancer, heart, and eye patients made up the majority of the medical conditions received.


We wouldn’t be able to support any of these cases or heal their pain without your generous donations.