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Statistics of the Event Department - First Half of 2023

Statistics of the Event Department - First Half of 2023

31 August 2023

Amidst the narrow alleys of the camps and beneath the tent roofs, the signs of fatigue and suffering are evident on the faces of the displaced people. The expressions of joy and happiness are absent from the lives of the little ones whose childhood was taken away by the suffering of displacement. This is why the Events Department of Molham Team works tirelessly for the sake of these children, aiming to restore happiness to hearts that have been deprived of it.

The department's budget for the first half of the current year was $55,627, which was divided among activities, events and operation costs.

51 Events were executed throughout the previous six months, including birthdays, graduations, and birth celebrations. In each event, children received presents and competitions and games were held.

We didn't just focus on the children; the displaced families also received a portion of the donations. In just six months, 115 sacrifices had been executed and distributed as portions to families. Also, 13 carnivals were held for families, including the Eid carnival, which was held on the fourth day of Eid in Idlib. Eid celebration involved activities, competitions, and arts and crafts gallery.

The department's work also extended beyond occasions and events; it provided support to families.

 A clothes store called "Molham Store" was established; 320 items of clothing were sold there, and the proceeds were utilized to fund the education of young children

This is Molham Events’ Half-Year activity report for 2023, which would not have been possible without your generous support. Your donations help us bring joy and happiness into the young hearts of children.