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Donation campaign for Gaza children

Donation campaign for Gaza children

25 November 2023

This campaign is for the people of Gaza only. You can click here to donate directly to the children of Gaza.

Nothing is the same as before October 7 !

It hurts us all what happened in Gaza, and we feel helpless in not being able to give much to our people in occupied Palestine. We can not hug children once they come out of the rubble, nor can we help the elderly or get them to rest and treat them.

Everyone is wondering how to donate to Gaza, looking for any way to support our brothers and sisters in the Gaza Strip after more than months of pain, displacement, and destruction, which have resulted in thousands of martyrs and wounded, mostly children and women.

Read the article to understand the degree of the suffering they have endured and learn how to contribute to support your brothers and sisters in Gaza by donating with what you can.

How much suffering is there in Gaza after the war ?

The disaster in Gaza is so tragic that we can not explain the pain, oppression, and the daily suffering of bombardment and displacement.

Here are some statistics according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics :

More than 355 thousand residential units are completely or partially destroyed, and there is no final number.

2 million displaced (more than 70% of the sector's population).

27,746 martyred, including 12,345 children, 8,000 women, and 1,049 older persons.

More than 71,017 thousand infected.

7,800 civilians are missing, including 4,700 children and women.

30 out of 35 medical hospitals have stopped, and more than 25 hospitals have been affected by the bombing.

According to the official website of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics on 05/02/2024.

As we all know, Gaza's population today has been suffering from a stifling blockade since the beginning of the barbaric campaign of Israeli occupation.

Permanent power outage, complete waterproof outage, discontinued and scarce food, unavailable fuel, and combustion.

Where people have to spend days looking for water, just to get what barely helps their thirst.

In this long suffering, people live awaiting their death and do not know when the bomb will drop and kill him.

Children sleep with no food, no water, and live in groups with their relatives because they lost their homes and possibly their families as well. Parents are unable to provide food and supplies. They are also unable to secure drinking water, and they might get a few litres of water after several days of research!

It has become worse and harder, especially after the disruption of roads in Gazans and the closure of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, which has made us all looking for an answer to the same question, how do I donate to Gaza? How do I help the displaced and the affected? Can I donate through the molham volunteering team to the people of Gaza?

Of course you can, and the molham team has provided all the support available since the beginning of the war in Gaza.

What's the molham team doing in Gaza?

The molham volunteering team has been active in Gaza since the early days of the barbaric campaign by the occupation, and aims to help by providing materials and supplies from inside the Strip and immediately for our affected people in Gaza. Our volunteers work their hardest to get your donations to Gaza hospitals and displaced people in the shelters in central Gaza.

As part of the "Gaza Children" campaign, the molham volunteering team distributed hundreds of food baskets in the Gaza Strip, distributed potable water and prepared meals for those affected in designated field kitchens, and distributed supplies for young children who came out of the rubble with only their lives.

The number of benefited families has reached more than 42,143 as of 05/02/2024, and work continues until we help the largest number of our brothers in Gaza.

The team cooperated with some humanitarian and medical partners to provide the most urgent medical supplies and materials to Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip at the beginning of the barbaric campaign by the Israeli occupier.

The team continues to strive and operate in all its sections day and night to provide support to the Palestinian people with all the possibilities and means available so that we can reach the largest number of people in need and displaced persons in Gaza.

What material was provided by the molham team in Gaza, and where was it distributed


The molham team has been active in the Gaza Strip in several areas, most notably (Khan Younis, Dayr Balah, Rafah, northern Gaza)

The molham team relied on the distribution of materials according to the region's priority needs. The first and second phases of work ended with the distribution of the following materials:

Food baskets and meals.

Drinking water.

Health package 



Pajamas and winter clothes.

Humanitarian assistance.

Distribution of wood material for heating.

Distribution of meals from the molham team kitchen on a daily basis starting 2 months ago.

Installation of camps for the displaced people.

Medical support with medicines for Al-Shifa Hospital, Nasir Hospita, and medications for cancer patients.

Distribution of vegetable baskets.

Distribution of canned baskets.

This was done with the efforts of the team's volunteers and your donations, and we're still working day and night with all the possibilities available.

How do I donate to Gaza through the Molham Volunteering Team?!

The Molham Volunteering Team seeks to support our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip with all its strength. As we all know, the team's work is based on individual donations, which are overwhelmingly worth less than $50. We therefore invite you to contribute and help our brothers in Gaza.

The molham volunteering team also works to secure the necessary raw materials from within the besieged sector without waiting for the closed boarder, because of our belief that quick aid is a key factor in humanitarian assistance.

You can donate immediately and contribute to supporting our people in Gaza at any time through the team's social media:

Campaign for Gaza Children:

This campaign is for the people of Gaza only. You can click here to access the campaign link directly.

The team's accounts dedicated to donations:

You can transfer via the team accounts listed on the website in the How to Donate section.

Team website:  

You can click on the molham team website and donate without borders. The team also has several different campaigns from the Gaza campaign supporting educational sectors, humanitarian and medical conditions, shelter, and orphans.