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Molham Orphanage

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  Started on 01/03/2019
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The project was launched in response to the urgent need caused by the war in Syria, which left an extremely large number of orphans and homeless children. This project serves orphans who lost both of their parents or either of their parents, as well as displaced children who were abandoned by their parents because of the harsh conditions in refugee camps of Lebanon. The orphaned children were welcomed in the center, which was opened at the beginning of this year after the installation of an integrated building at a cost of $112,000.00, including 8 furnished apartments with a gaming room, cafeteria, and an outdoor yard. All personal needs for the children's living have been provided, in addition to programs and activities. Each beneficiary child has a bed and a personal wardrobe, in addition to educational and recreational materials. Furthermore, there are set schedules for food time, school, sports, sleeping and waking up. Your donations are needed to complete this project and make the center a permanent home for these children.

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Campaign updates

 8 months ago

The favorite activity for the children in Molham Orphanage - cooking & eating their favorite meals. Watch the video & support our children so we can continue giving them the life the were deprived of.🙏

 10 months ago

Photos from the art activity we held for children in Molham Orphanage 🎨

 10 months ago

Good morning from Molham Orphanage 💙

 10 months ago

Good morning from Molham Orphanage💚

 10 months ago

Good morning from Aisha in Molham Orphanage 💙

 10 months ago

In Molham orphanage, we work on supporting children to the extent that do not feel that they miss their parents. Teachers there are doing all that they can to give them the best education

 10 months ago

Watch how refugee children in Molham Orphanage spent Eid al-Adha!😀

 10 months ago

Photos from one of our activities for orphans in molham orphanage 💙

 10 months ago

In spite of all the difficulties that we faced for 6 months since we started establishing Molham Orphanage in Beqaa, we didn't give up. We have been expecting a great outcome, but the beautiful outcome we got exceeded our expectations!

 10 months ago


Good morning from Molham Orphanage 💙

 year ago

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About us

Molham Volunteering Team is a NPO registered in Germany, France, Turkey, Jordan, Sweden, Norway and Canada, brought together by a group of Syrian students. It aims at providing aid to internally displaced persons in Syria and Syrian refugees living in camps of the neighboring countries.

Contact us

60/08 avenue Marc Sangnier 59370 Mons en Baroeul , France

Gazi muhtar başa Blv. Tersan iş Merkezi Kat:2 No:9 Şehitkamil , Gaziantep Turkey

Gardens Street Abu Laila building Office 501 , Amman Jordan

+33 670052387 (France)
+49 15213655451 (Germany)
+90 5385129709 (Turkey)
+96 2795501305 (Jordan)