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  Started on 27/04/2019
Thousands of families in northern Syria suffer from extremely bad living conditions either in camps or in displacement areas. We aim through this campaign to provide them with what they need of basic food necessities throughout Ramadan. You can donate a food parcel for one family at a cost of 50$, or a Suhoor parcel at cost of 25$.

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Campaign updates

 year ago


Despite the intensification of shelling on Kafranbel city & the surrounding area in the countryside of Idlib, & our office going out of service, our volunteers distributed 304 food baskets to needy families in the city.🙏🏼

 year ago


Through our Food Parcels campaign, we distributed 115 food parcels to displaced people from Homs countryside who live in Saraqip, in addition to 20 parcels for displaced people in the outskirts of Saraqib. The total number of beneficiaries was 135 families.🙏🏼

 year ago

Our field distributed food parcels to 315 displaced families in IDP makeshifts camps - Idlib.🙏🏼

 year ago

Photos taken during the distribution of food parcels in villages near Deir Ballout camp - northern Syria.

 year ago

Our field volunteers in Latakia countryside distributed 160 Ramadan food parcels to around 600 IDPs in Ain Al-Beda camp.💙🙏🏻

 year ago

160 displaced families in makeshift tents around Saraqeb - Idlib were provided with meat portions.💙

 year ago

Our field volunteers continue distribution of Ramadan food parcels in Syria, with a total of 435 beneficiaries in Dar Azza - Aleppo 🙏🏼

 year ago

From our food parcels’ distributions to 24 families in Irbid - Jordan. 
One food parcel feeds a family throughout the month Ramadan.🙏🏻

 year ago

Our field volunteers distributed 100 food parcels to displaced and impoverished families in Teniyya village and Saraqeb - Idlib. One food parcel consists of several food items including rice, sugar, honey, and cooking oil.

 year ago

Photos from our field volunteers’ preparations of food parcels to be distributed to families in Saraqeb - Idlib.


 year ago

From the distribution of food parcels in Deir Ballout, Muhammadiyah IDPs camps and Aldokan , Alnasria villages Which targeted 1,200 families. One food parcel feeds a displaced family for 15 days throughout Ramadan.

 year ago


Many children got used to hunger as a daily routine, as they spend their days in their tent with nothing to eat..


In this holy month, we endeavor to provide all families in Deir Ballout camp with food parcels.

 year ago

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