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Molhamion In Ramadan

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  Started on 27/04/2019
Countless Syrian families live in dire conditions and have endured displacement, deprivation, and losses. We endeavor through this campaign to alleviate the suffering of as many families as possible, especially the neediest ones.

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Campaign updates

 7 months ago

As part of our Ramadan Molhamion campaign, we created some smiles for refugee children in Arsal!💙

 7 months ago

As part of our Ramadan Molhamion campaign, we created some smiles in Arsal refugee camps.💙

 7 months ago

‏Our volunteers brought a smile back to the face of Hamoudeh, a child with lower limb paralysis.💙

 8 months ago

Hanifa is an elderly woman who suffered from hearing impairment due to exposure to intense shelling.
Watch her reaction to when we helped her.

 8 months ago

We asked an elderly woman in her 90’s about her wish. 
Watch the video to find out her answer.🎥

 8 months ago

Watch how we transformed the home of Ibrahim, a displaced man from Damascus.💙

 8 months ago

Watch the story of Farouq - the lovely little boy who suffered from hearing impairment.💙

 8 months ago

These joyful laughs are our motivation to continue doing this work.💙
Watch how we brought joy to Fatima’s family through our Ramadan Molhamion campaign.

 8 months ago

Watch the reaction of Naji, a paralyzed child, to the surprise we prepared for him as part of our Ramadan Molhamion campaign!💙

 8 months ago

Daleen and her 3 sisters all suffer from a genetic disorder. Watch their story

 8 months ago

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 9 months ago

Campaign no. 141 has been added by the Humanitarian Relief Section.

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About us

Molham Volunteering Team is a NPO registered in Germany, France, Turkey, Jordan, Sweden and Canada, brought together by a group of Syrian students. It aims at providing aid to internally displaced persons in Syria and Syrian refugees living in camps of the neighboring countries.

Contact us

60/08 avenue Marc Sangnier 59370 Mons en Baroeul , France

Gazi muhtar başa Blv. Tersan iş Merkezi Kat:2 No:9 Şehitkamil , Gaziantep Turkey

Gardens Street Abu Laila building Office 501 , Amman Jordan

+33 670052387 (France)
+49 15213655451 (Germany)
+90 5385129709 (Turkey)
+96 2795501305 (Jordan)