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Medical Point in Deir Ballout Camp

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  Started on 15/06/2019
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Abu Hassan was displaced from his home to Deir Ballut IDPs camp. Until a few months back, there was no where for him to receive medical care. Recently, Molham Team founded a medical point in the camp, the only one of its kind in the area, serving inhabitants of the camp around the clock. For Abu Hassan, who has a serious injury from a missile attack, this medical point has provided him with the necessary medical care. It saved him the trouble of traveling to hospitals outside the area. The medical point is equipped with medical supplies and serves many of the elderly and children in the camp. Your $100 contribution will alleviate pain of 5000 people in the camp, who live in the most difficult circumstances.

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Campaign updates

 week ago

Statistical results of the only medical point in Deir Ballut and Muhammadiyah camps, in addition to nearby villages September 2019

 3 weeks ago

Statistical results of the only medical point in Deir Ballut and Muhammadiyah camps, in addition to nearby villages - August 2019.

 4 weeks ago

photos from the medical point that serves IDPs in Deir Ballut & Muhammadiyah camps.

 Through your generous support, we continue to serve tens of medical cases in both camps

 4 months ago

Campaign no. 150 has been added by the Humanitarian Relief Section.

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