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Response to displaced families

Your donation will truly contribute in transforming their reality
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  Started on 22/08/2019
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Thousands of Syrian families are fleeing bombardment in their cities and seeking refuge in Northern Syria. According to one of our field volunteers, one of the families they visited consists of 9 members, including a sick old man and a girl with special needs. They live in a poor place without a roof. Many other families live in an tragic situation. They have no food and no means to secure food. By donating to this campaign, you participate in securing a shelter for a family for at least one month. It is our collective duty to help the families who have once welcomed the displaced.

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Campaign updates

 week ago

Photos from distribution of 100 food parcels on displaced people who recently arrived near Deir Ballut camp, as part of our ongoing emergency response.🙏

 week ago

Shots from the preparation of a shelter center in Afrin to accommodate 28 displaced families, as part of our emergency response to IDPs. We prepared the center with water, electricity, & plumbing installation. We also prepared a medical clinic & counseling clinic for children.

 week ago

Report by Al Jazeera channel on our emergency response to displaced people arriving from the countryside of Idlib & Hama, to whom we installed 100 tents.
A heartfelt thanks for every donation that had been made & for all the help that we received to alleviate the immense humanitarian suffering.🙏💙

 3 weeks ago

We continue our emergency response to the recent wave of displacement

 3 weeks ago

Photos from implementation of our emergency response to displaced families in Darat Azza, where we distributed assistance & some necessities to families.

 3 weeks ago

Photos from distribution of 200 food parcels in Azaz city, as part of our emergency response to newly displaced families. There is still a great need for more & more aid..

 3 weeks ago

Photos from distribution of food parcels to displaced families in Afrin, as part of our response campaign to newly displaced persons.

 4 weeks ago

our team has carried out a rapid ... اظهار المزيد

 4 weeks ago

they are homeless, have no shelter except the streets. Our response to support displaced people from Idlib countryside is ongoing

 4 weeks ago

حhotos from preparations of shelters for displaced families in Atama, as part of our emergency response.

 4 weeks ago

photos from preparations of shelters for 10 displaced families in Atma. We also provided them with necessities such as mattresses, bed sheets, & a water tank.

 4 weeks ago

thanks to your donations to our emergency response for IDPs, we were able to provide a shelter & furniture for Nader's family, in addition to some food & cooking appliances

 4 weeks ago

Photos taken during implementation of our emergency response to the recent wave of displacement in Darat Azza town - Northern Syria

 4 weeks ago

Thanks to your donations to our emergency response for IDPs, we were able to assit Bushra and her children after they were displaced to Darat Izza town - Northern Syria

 month ago

Photos from the response campaign we carried out for displaced families in Afrin, where we distributed food parcels for 7 families who were displaced due to the latest military escalation in Idlib. We also distributed baby milk, diapers, blankets, batteries & mattresses.

 month ago

Photos from our emergency response to a group of 12 newly displaced families in Taftanaz. We distributed cash amounts, food parcels, & mattresses for each family.

 month ago

Photos from implementation of our emergency response to the recent wave of displacement, for a group of IDPs in Ariha. Cash was distributed to families to help them with living expenses.

 months ago

Campaign no. 159 has been added by the Humanitarian Relief Section.

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Molham Volunteering Team is a NPO registered in France, Turkey, Jordan, Sweden and Canada, brought together by a group of Syrian students. It aims at providing aid to internally displaced persons in Syria and Syrian refugees living in camps of the neighboring countries.

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