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A New Year!

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  Started on 01/01/2020
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Countless displaced families dream about having better living conditions. Their only wish is for someone to help them leave their tent and move to a proper room instead, so that they would be able to protect their children from the cold winter. This is a golden chance to start your year with a charitable deed, which would surely positively reflect on your life!

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Campaign updates

 7 months ago

In the city of Afrien, we equipped buildings to spare those who left their homes some of the tragedy. Let us join the efforts and help them and reassure them that we will back them up till the day comes and they go back to their homes.

 7 months ago

‏ While most would rather stay in their warm home when it snows, volunteers continue building concrete rooms for displaced families in Barisha camps - northern Syria. Remember that you have a chance to support this life-changing project.

 7 months ago

‏In this video, your donations are turned to be warm rooms for displaced people in Barisha camps. We are continuing to provide all their needs as well.

 8 months ago

Since camps are drowning every year, we were able to build about 200 rooms for the families with your donations to ... اظهار المزيد

 8 months ago

‏“Where should I go? My children moved to different countries & they’re not doing great. I insisted on not leaving my home. But now I have no home, no children, & I live in a tent.

... اظهار المزيد

 8 months ago

The transformation of a tent to a room is a real achievement. Although tents should be temporary, people have been living in them for years & their children have never lived in a room nor leaned their back on a real wall! With 250 $ you can achieve this dream for a family.

 8 months ago

The first case of NEW YEAR CAMPAIGN !

 8 months ago

This displaced family welcomed us with open arms into their incomplete home!

 8 months ago

Following their displacement, this family were going to sleep in a truck! 

 9 months ago

Campaign no. 178 has been added by the Humanitarian Relief Section.

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