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  Started on 28/01/2020
There's always something you can do something for this mass influx of displaced people, who are fleeing their homes into the open while feeling hungry and afraid! Through your sponsorship of a family for one or two months, you can alleviate some of their suffering. It is very easy - you can subscribe to monthly donations for a displaced family and the amount will be automatically deducted for the period that you choose.

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Campaign updates

 8 months ago

Hoping to alleviate their suffering, we distributed food parcels to displaced people in Afrin. Your donations are making their life less harsh.💙

 8 months ago

This home in Afrin was once full with children’s innocent smiles, today we have prepared it to be a shelter for displaced people from Idlib.

 8 months ago

Today & every day, everyone has to do something about the mass displacement of civilians! Photos of food parcels & blankets’ distribution in Ketta IDP camp. We continue our response campaign through your support.🙏🏻

 9 months ago

Mothers are left with their children in the worse humanitarian situation. They are asking for a tent, water, and warmth means.
We shouldn't forget their calls. They are our people there.
Donation with any amount would have a big effect on their life.

 9 months ago

''They are 6 orphans, we picked them with us with nothing. They have no sponsor, we've got them with us when we displaced since they can't manage alone to flee the bombardment. I know that I can't rent a house for all of us, and we are here in a poultry farm eating from one plate. In spite of the cold and our number, we have to feel each other. These orphans h ... اظهار المزيد

 9 months ago

This family who was forcibly displaced from its home has just had triplets! Thanks to your donations, we provided milk and basic supplies for the babies.

 9 months ago

Displacement has turned the lives of thousands of families upside down. They count on our support.

 9 months ago

'' These are my children; Ayat, Fatima, and Abdulhakeem. We collected our belongings like all other people to flee the bombardment, but we had no idea where to go. We found this poultry farm and we stayed here. What I can tell you about living here? it is something never came to my imagination.
My heart burns when I see my children suffering while they neve ... اظهار المزيد

 10 months ago

You can't stand just watching them, you can do something for them. It may come to your imagination the women are in the streets and the children are hungry and afraid.
Through your sponsorship of a family for one or two months, you will alleviate their distress.
They are standing alone, paying the price and losing everything literally.
you should lend ... اظهار المزيد

 10 months ago

‎‫These are the children of 11 displaced families, who all live in the same home‬!!

‎‏‫Sponsor a displaced family to support it during the 1st period of its displacement by subscribing to auto donations:

 10 months ago

These are 4 tents, in which there are 12 families. We are surrounded by mud and the rains everywhere. We don't have sheets or mattresses.
The cold weather is intolerable, and only God knows our miserable situation here. There is no W.C, we couldn't even stay in the mosque. You may do your best to help us to improve these conditions. ‏

 10 months ago

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