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  Started on 31/01/2020
Thousands of families are spread in the streets, with the risk of being targeted by shelling. They cannot afford to flee the areas of bombardment. All civil defenses team's vehicles have been exhausted and the evacuation groups are unable to evacuate the large numbers of people on their own. Save a displaced family by donating $50 to enable us to evacuate it into a safe place in the border areas.

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 year ago

‏How children can forget this journey of struggle? what are the stories that mothers will tell about it, the cold, and the tiredness ?
‏This way to the unknown seems very long and endless.

 year ago

While many people were displaced, thousands remain trapped under bombardment and fear!

 year ago

Shadow of death is chasing them. Their children tremble frightened. They are out of breath praying for safety of their children. To rescue them from the calamity of bombarded is a duty upon us.

 year ago

Nobody chooses to leave his home & flee with his family to the unknown, unless staying was more dangerous than escaping!

Lend a helping hand to trapped families

 year ago

Reminder: Half a million civilians fled their homes in the last 2 months & the need for aid is growing by the moment. Many others remain trapped in dangerous conditions

 year ago

‎‏Too many families are at risk of dying at any moment. Save their souls with a 50$ donation. Help them to flee the bombardment.

 year ago

‏While many people were displaced, thousands remain trapped under bombardment!
‏With $50 you can enable us to evacuate a family

 year ago

‏The road became crowded with cars, and people's hearts' are full of sorrow but still we don't feel!
‏Please try to provide your help so that we can recover their lost happiness.

 year ago

Thanks to your generous donations, around 20000 families who were trapped under constant fear of bombardment were evacuated!
Needless to mention, the numbers of families that need evacuation are much greater than that, & through this video we try to deliver a fraction of the hardships they endure.

 year ago

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Molham Volunteering Team is a NPO registered in Germany, France, Turkey, Jordan, Sweden, Norway and Canada, brought together by a group of Syrian students. It aims at providing aid to internally displaced persons in Syria and Syrian refugees living in camps of the neighboring countries.

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