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Molham Village Charitable Endowment (Waqf)

Your donation transforms their reality
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  Started on 19/04/2020
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Invest in a Life-long Charitable Endowment (Waqf) in Molham Village! Molham Village is a housing project aimed at providing decent housing for the most vulnerable displaced Syrian families, which are families with no provider, widows, and the wounded, who live in makeshift camps with no protection from severe weather conditions. The project was launched in 2018 in a land in Azaz town in the northern countryside of Aleppo near the Turkish-Syrian borders. Construction works have begun in early 2020, after enough funds were raised to cover the costs of the first building. The model housing unit has an area of 50 m2 and consists of two rooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. One housing unit costs $4800, and you may contribute with one share through a $50 donation, or fund a full housing unit through a one-time donation ($4800), two donations over 2 months ($2400 per month), 6 installments over 6 months ($800 per month), or 12 installments over 12 months ($400 per month). The preferred payment arrangement can be chosen through the website. Donate now and help us implement this permanent solution for the displacement catastrophe that has been ongoing for 9 years! For inquiries about the project, contact us on WhatsApp: 00962787843078

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Campaign updates

 months ago

This video marks the end of the relocation of the first group of families into apartments in Molham Village. We did our best to share with you glimpses of the immense joy created by your donations to this life-transforming project.

... اظهار المزيد

 months ago


''It is something I never dreamed of.''

This reaction eradicated all fatigue we felt.

... اظهار المزيد

 months ago


Would like to see another lovely photo from Molham Village for orphans?

Basima takes care of her cat and flowers.

She was born after her father passed away due to an explosion.

... اظهار المزيد

 months ago


"I can't believe that I will live in a house before I die!"

With her tears falling, our aunt was praying for you. 

... اظهار المزيد

 months ago


The first day of two lovely girls from Maarat Alnoaman in Molham villiage. They were moved to the village with their injured father after they lived in an uninhabitable basement for a long time.

Wish you all happiness

... اظهار المزيد

 months ago


Molham endowment village

This project has been revealed after years of hard working.

If anyone wants to take part in the project and have his own

 months ago


“Even the tent we live in is not ours..”

Watch the surprise we had for this aggrieved grandfather. Thanks to your generous donations, Mustafa & his orphaned grandchildren now have a real home!

... اظهار المزيد

 months ago


Watch the video to find out about Molham Village project, located near the Syrian-Turkish borders.

 months ago


Awhile ago we shared with you a glimpse about Molham Village housing project, which is finally seeing light! The first residential building is almost finalized, construction works started in the second building, and soon the third will follow.

 months ago


 months ago


Molham Village is our most promising housing project that has begun to see light.

Read more details in this blogpost:

... اظهار المزيد

 11 months ago

Find out about Molham Team’s most groundbreaking housing project! 
The Prophet said, “None of you [truly] believes until he loves for his brother that which he loves for himself.” 


 11 months ago

Campaign no. 204 has been added by the Humanitarian Relief Section.

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