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Food Parcels - Ramadan 2021

Your donation transforms their reality
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To support Humanitarian Relief Campaigns
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  Started on 02/04/2021
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Thousands of families in NW Syria in camps live in the midst of dire conditions. We will work on supplying them with essential food supplies in Ramadan. Give $50 to provide a food parcel for a family for the entire month of Ramadan, or $25 to a provide Suhoor parcel for a family for the entire month.

Number of Donors 2052


Campaign updates

 days ago

In cooperation with Seeds of Humanity and within “Food Parcels” campaign, 250 ... اظهار المزيد

 week ago

Photos of food parcels distribution in Tripoli- Lebanon

 weeks ago

A food parcel costs only 50$ but it means a lot for poor families in the accommodation centers in Tal Abiyad.

 weeks ago

We have given tens of food parcels to families in need in Al-Bab.

We are grateful for those who never forget to support needy people.

 weeks ago

In Tal Abiyad, many displaced families struggle to provide their necessities. We offered them food parcels thanks to your generous donations.

 weeks ago

Photos from the distribution of food parcels in the families in Aarsal camps.

 weeks ago

Photos from Lebanon- Akkar camps where we distributed 300 food parcels for families. Among days of the holy month remember those who suffer in camps but with no food. 

 weeks ago

We have distributed food parcels to families in Al-bab city. Your donations are making remarkable differences and securing many families needs.

 3 weeks ago

In a collaboration with Seeds of Humanity organisation, we have distributed food and suhoor parcels to families in Barisha camps.

 3 weeks ago

We have distributed food parcels to 329 families in Afrin camps. With each parcel, we alleviate some of a family's burdens and give it happiness.

 3 weeks ago

With each food parcel you give, you alleviate some of a family's burdens. In Al-bab city we distributed 230 food parcels to families in Azraq camp.

 3 weeks ago

Pictures of distributing potatoes, food, and Suhoor parcels to families in Afrin camps. 

 3 weeks ago

Pictures of distributing food and Suhoor parcels to more than 200 families in Azaz.

 3 weeks ago

The Mes’harati of Molham.. with a different kind of mission!

Watch the video

 3 weeks ago

Photos are taken while we distributed 462 baskets of Suhoor and food parcels including chicken and potato for families in Azeez complex, as a part of the Food Parcels campaign.

 3 weeks ago

Your donations secured 308 families with Food & Suhoor parcels in the western countryside of Aleppo. Our efforts are persistent to help as many as possible over Ramadan

 3 weeks ago

In Lattakia countryside, Molham volunteers worked hard to deliver your donations to needy people. The people received food & suhoor parcels with thankful hearts. 

 3 weeks ago


Thanks to your generous donations, we have distributed Suhoor baskets and food parcels in addition to Potato and chicken for camp inhabitants in lattakia countryside camps.

Suhoor basket cost 25$

Food parcel cost 50$

 3 weeks ago

500 food & suhoor parcels were offered for families in Barisha camps as a part of the Food Parcels campaign. 

 4 weeks ago

‏In Deir Sama'an IDP camps and with the start of Ramadan, we were with the displaced families distributing the food parcels

 month ago

Campaign no. 266 has been added by the Humanitarian Relief Section.

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