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Heal A Broken Heart

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To support Humanitarian Relief Campaigns
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  Started on 05/04/2021
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Mahmoud has been through a tough displacement journey, that made his situation even worse with all the diseases that he has.. He suffers from diabetes that resulted in the amputation of both of his legs and one of his arms, he also suffers from decompression and has lost his vision, he also went through multiple heart attacks within the last week! When we asked about what are his needs he said that all what he want is to know that his family is doing well.. $400 guarantees to provide them with all what they needs and lifts a huge load from his shoulders.. Your donation will secure the Mahmood's needs over the holy month. All assistances shall be distributed as cash money and in-kind materials.

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Campaign updates


693 families got benefited with financial aid within “Heal a Broken Heart” campaign during Ramadan..

 week ago

We decided to use a bicycle while the distribution of the financial aid within “Heal a Broken Heart” campaign

To see the happiness of the displaced families and their children!

 week ago

"Heal a Broken Heart" from the perspective of our volunteers, and its great impact on themselves before its actual impact on the families in need!

In this video is brief explanation with the thing that made us feel our achievement the most!

 week ago

Some clips from the distribution of financial aids to the workers who spend their day under the sun while fasting, these people returned to their homes with indescribable happiness and with a great relief because of your generosity

 week ago

Photos from the distribution of the financial aids for the displaced families within the “Heal a Broken Heart” campaign, thanks to your donations they’ll be a reason to relieve them from some of the daily struggles they go through.

 week ago

“Heal a Broken Heart” campaign was full of irreplaceable moments we lived during the first half of Ramadan.. and you got your portion of the pure joyful prayers because of your donations!

 weeks ago

Every day, those who are job seekers are waiting in the sun for a long time to provide for their families.

We have prepared a surprise for them in Ramadan.

 weeks ago

Photos of financial amounts distributed for families in need in Izaz

 weeks ago

A new family has moved to an apartment. Take a look at this video to see more

Ramadan's greatest happiness is to end the suffering of a family by moving them out of the camps

 3 weeks ago

Each envelope resembles the relief from many worries that many families were waiting for.. Your support was able to change their circumstances and returned to you as beautiful prayers from them

 3 weeks ago

‏“Heal a Broken Heart” this is what we named the campaign by..

‏And after you watch how Fatima’s life completely changed.. you’ll know how precise the name describes the campaign’s results! 

 3 weeks ago

A glimpse from the preparations of “Heal a Broken Heart” campaign, with the attention to the tiniest details the “Molham team” way to heal the broken hearts of many families because of your donations 

 4 weeks ago

In our first visit to her, we saw Om Omar's tears. With your help, we were able to change her life

 month ago

Campaign no. 268 has been added by the Humanitarian Relief Section.

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