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To support Humanitarian Relief Campaigns
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  Started on 14/06/2021
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“The same tragedy happens every summer. We run into the tent to hide from the sun but find it more hot inside because of how its fabric locks in the heat. My kids spend their day trying to find a cool place under a tree to have some sleep!” Razan and Hamouda are just like thousands of other children in the displacement camps who spend their day sleeping from the tiredness and harsh conditions of summer. Their dreams in this hot season is as simple as finding a shadow to spend their day in. “Heat” campaign has lessened the suffering of many families during the summer, and many more are still awaiting your support to get the cooling means they need. Join our efforts to relieve such families this summer by donating $20 to secure a fan to a family living in a tent. A fan is for $20, a battery of 20 amp is for $20, a water cooler is for $20, and an ice bag is for $2.

Campaign updates

 month ago


We met Muhammad at the hottest time of the day. We asked him “Do you feel hot?” He replied; “Sure, but I have my own way to cool down. Follow me”

... اظهار المزيد

 months ago


The sharp rise in temperature doubled their misery.
Some photos of ice distribution for camps in Albab.


 months ago


Their deep smiles and joyfulness were credited to your donations!
Here are nice shots during an event we held in a camp to support the poor children and make them forget about heat. 

 months ago

 year ago

The beginning of the video is full of sufferings, but with your support we were able to transform it into relief!

Watch the video to see the difference your donations do.

 year ago


In Azaz, we have given ice cubes for camps inhabitants. 

 year ago


We have distributed ice for people in Azeez complex in Azaz. 

 year ago


Photos of distribution of ice packs for accommodation centers of Kafr Janna in Afrin.

 year ago


In the camp of Habat-ALbaraka in Azaz, we have given 209 families ice packs within the campaign of Heat 2. 

 year ago


Photos from the preparation & distribution of ice packs for the families in the IDP camps of AlBab city. Your donations are lessening the struggles caused by the summer’s heat! 

 year ago

Photos from the distribution of ice packs in the camps of AlBab city. Your donations are lessening the burdens of the summer’s heat for them.

 year ago


Photos from the distribution of ice packs in the camps of AlBab city to help in lessening their suffering from the summer’s heat. 

 year ago


Your donations have started to reach the families!

 photos from the distribution of ice packs and a cold beverage for the families in the western countryside of Aleppo.. 

 year ago


How do families live in the summer’s heat? And what do they do to lessen their struggles in the tents?

In this video is a small glimpse of their lives, and how you can provide them relief!

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