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  Started on 08/10/2021
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"My daughter's life depends on six medical devices, and the lack of any device can put her life in danger. We left the rest of our children in Syria. They are sick and we don't know about them. We came for the hope of Zahra's recovery." ‏Congenital malformations، defects in the back bone, bronchi, and the lungs with cerebral atrophy; are all diseases, the one-year-old, Zahra suffers from. She is waiting for your donation of $612 to secure her medical supplies. This Urgent Cases Fund is aimed at providing treatment for Zahra and many similar medical cases that require immediate help. Your donation saves lives!

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Campaign updates

 6 days ago

Zeina's worries of preterm labor vanished away thanks to your charitable hearts. The pregnant woman was able to give birth at the hospital by cesarean surgery. She is grateful for saving her baby, Mohammad

 weeks ago

Do you remember Dr. Mariam's story?

This video is a quick overview of our work dealing with her illness and her current situation.

Thank you for your support and donation for each patient waiting for their treatment.

 weeks ago

Ahmed suffered from severe pain due to a bladder stone, and his father's limited income made it more difficult. You helped in securing the surgery cost and he urgently underwent it. Ahmed's father is grateful to everyone who contributed to alleviating the pain of his child

 3 weeks ago

Thana suffered from severe back pain and became almost paralyzed because of disc herniation. Because of your support, the fixation surgery cost was secured and she successfully underwent it 

 3 weeks ago


Ola is a 12-year-old girl who was born with a cleft palate and loss of sensation. This makes her more prone to bruises because she is unable to avoid dangers. Your donations helped her perform a lip operation and secure her medications.

Your support is a blessing for her

 4 weeks ago


Aisha has been suffering from leishmaniasis for two years. Your donation did the miracle of recovery & the little girl is happy again.

A week ago, Aisha started her treatment and she is getting better every day.

 4 weeks ago


Mohammad was born with severe hydrocephalus and needed urgent cerebral shunt surgery. Thanks to your good hearts, he could undergo the surgery and is under monitoring right now.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

 month ago


Omar is a newborn who had to be in the incubator for 20 days. Thanks to your support his family could pay the cost of his treatment.

 month ago

Ahmed is a 4-year-old child who suffered from a congenital urethral deformity. He needed surgical intervention, but it was expensive for his father. Your support was the basis for securing the cost of his surgery and its success.

 month ago


Hamza has been suffering from lung problems since his birth and it caused dyspnea. Because of your support, he was treated in an incubator for 15 days and went back to his family.

Your donation saves lives

 month ago


Mohamed suffered from severe pain due to kidney stones. Because of your support he successfully underwent lithotripsy surgery.

 month ago


You made her smile

Shahd, a lovely girl was born with bowlegs deformity and ankle dislocation. Your donations enabled her to undergo the surgery successfully.

 month ago

Khalid is a 4 years boy with autism. The little boy showed behavioral disorder before he received the needed rehabilitation therapy thanks to your support. 

 month ago

A year ago, Nida'a was a newborn facing serious hydrocephalus that threatened her life. Today, Nida'a is enjoying her well-being with a bright smile.

Your donation changes the reality into the best image.

 month ago

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