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Emergency Response for Camps

Your donation transforms their reality
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  Started on 12/10/2021
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'Our tents collapsed in front of our eyes. Within a moment, 35 people became homeless! Being displaced from our homes left us vulnerable, but no words could describe our devastation from what occurred to us now..' Abu Muhammad is the main provider of eight families, most of whom are widows and orphans. He tried to describe the immense pain he felt when watching his grandchildren sleeping on the street, while he can't protect them from the cold or insects! To ease the helplessness of this family and other families who are experiencing the same conditions, we launched this campaign to respond to their most urgent needs; shelter.

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Campaign updates

 6 days ago

Their sadness and grief are beyond words. For them, the campaign of Emergency Response for Camps is continuing until we improve their living conditions

 week ago

One of the families who lives in Al Risala camp has lost all their belongings because of an electric fire. 

 weeks ago


Images full of sufferings that hundreds of children go through everyday in the camps. 

 3 weeks ago

300 displaced families have received vegetables and meat in an accommodation center in Afrin. Their hearts are grateful for your charitable aids.

 month ago

Within the campaign of '' Emergency Response for Camps,'' we could finish the second phase of sanitary systems establishment for the camp of Habit Albaraqa in Izaz. 

 month ago


Your donations reached Habbit al-Barakeh Camp in Ezaz, and Molham Team started the installation of sanitary to improve the living conditions of IDPs.

 month ago


After uprooting their only shelter, their tent, Abu Mohamed's family of 35 persons got a safe place to live in thanks to your support.

Thanks alot to everyone who contributed!

 month ago

Campaign no. 304 has been added by the Humanitarian Relief Section.

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