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A Loaf of Bread 2

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  Started on 29/10/2021
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As the prices of basic food supplies continue to increase and the economic situation of the IDPs camps in Syria worsens, displaced people struggle to put food on the table. This campaign aims at helping impoverished Syrian families with basic food supplies in the form of food parcels and bread. A donation of $10 will provide one displaced family with bread for a month.

Campaign updates

 3 weeks ago

From the village of Kafra in the northern countryside of Aleppo, bread was distributed to more than 310 families. Your donation is easing their worst living conditions!

 4 weeks ago

In cooperation with theSeeds of Humanity organization, bread was distributed to more than 140 families in Al-Fidaa camps in the Idlib countryside. Because of your support, these families have what can feed their children.

 month ago

Each donation for the campaign of ''A Loaf of Bread 2'' has alleviated the burdens of hundred families in Kafra's camps - Izaz.

We are grateful for your concern & support for all the needy.

 month ago

In Alfida'a camp, we have distributed bread for more than 130 displaced families. We are grateful for your support that allows us to reach more needy families.

 month ago

All our work concerns alleviating the difficult conditions of IDPs in NW Syria. Within this scope, we have supplied more than 190 families in Alghassaniya with bread.

 months ago

''The hunger is worse than the bombardment.'' Thousands of vulnerable displaced families have been fighting hunger. We always try to show you the hidden painful details of such suffering.

 months ago

Your donations to “A Loaf of Bread” campaign brought relief to hundreds of displaced families, and lessened their burdens!

 months ago

Within the difficult circumstances NW Syria is going through, and out of our constant endeavor to relieve the suffering of our families, bread has been distributed to hundreds of families in the village of Al-Ghassaniyeh. Your support eases their suffering and relieves their concerns.

 months ago

Your generous givings allowed hundreds of people to get hot bread today. Today, they could sleep satisfied.

Photos were taken during the distribution of bread in Bram camp with the campaign of '' A Loaf of Bread 2''.

 months ago

Sometimes, the only dream of a child born in a tent is a loaf of bread! Today you are able to alleviate their heavy worries.

 months ago


“The best part of the day is returning to our tent with bread. But this doesn’t casually happen, we wait for days just to get bread!”

 months ago


Within the "Loaf of Bread" campaign, which aims to ease the concerns of hundreds, by providing food and facilitating its arrival; and because of your support, bread was distributed to more than 150 displaced families in the village of Al-Ghassaniyeh.

 months ago

In Alfida'a camp, more than 100 families have received bread thanks to your donations. Your givings reached families of injured and sick people. A Loaf of Bread 2 is an ongoing campaign to help people in distress. 

 months ago


Bread was distributed to hundreds of families in Al-Ghassaniyeh, Jisr Al-Shughur. Your donations helped ease their poor conditions and comfort hundreds of hearts!

 3 months ago

Campaign no. 307 has been added by the Humanitarian Relief Section.

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Molham Volunteering Team is a NPO registered in Germany, Turkey, Jordan, Sweden, and Canada, brought together by a group of Syrian students. It aims at providing aid to internally displaced persons in Syria and Syrian refugees living in camps of the neighboring countries.

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