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  Started on 02/11/2021
This beautiful photo was taken for Abu Ibrahim while he was taking his daughter to school on the bicycle. His photo went viral on social media. We visited him today and asked about his living conditions. We found out that he was displaced from Aleppo and that he teaches Quran in a mosque. Therefore, we would like to provide him with better means for transportation, and also to get a present for his daughter. All incoming donations in this campaign will be dedicated to allowing him to start a new life. It is worth mentioning that this father never asked for anything, we reached him on our own initiative!

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 4 months ago

We thought about daily laborers, do you want to know how we supported them?

Watch the video to figure it out!

 6 months ago

Good morning from Molham Kindergarten for orphans. Hundreds of children continue their education by learning various subjects, including Arabic, in the early stages. They learn in a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere

 7 months ago

Remember the viral photo of the man who was carrying his daughter to school on his bicycle? So many people wanted to help him, and this video shows the heartwarming result!

 7 months ago

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Molham Volunteering Team is a nonprofit, charitable organization founded in 2012 in Jordan, by a group of then university students. It aims at providing aid to internally displaced and refugee Syrians in northern Syria and neighbouring countries. The organization is registered in several countries around the world, including: Germany, Canada and Sweden.