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Molham School For Orphans - Idlib

Your donation transforms their reality
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To support Humanitarian Relief Campaigns
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  Started on 13/01/2022
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Shrooq is an innocent girl with a lovely smile. Her father died from a heart attack following the family's displacement. She was left with her siblings in an unfinished house with no sponsor. This is just one story from among 250 stories of orphaned children who go to Molham School for Orphans in Idlib. They all include similar elements of suffering and deprivation. By supporting this campaign, you contribute to enabling an orphaned child to pursue his or her education. A monthly amount of $25 provides education for an orphaned child, and $50 per month secures an orphaned child education as well as living expenses.

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 7 months ago


Their memories are colored by your giving.💙
The entire life of students at Molham School for Orphans was a lost childhood and painful memories.
Luckily, your support could paint a new picture of life for all of them where they smile, dream, and look forward to the future!

... اظهار المزيد

 7 months ago

 7 months ago

 7 months ago


Like glittery butterflies 🦋

Our students made our day with their lovely show during the graduation celebration at Molham School for Orphans.


 11 months ago

Every child has the right to go to school.

In Molham School for Orphans in Idlib, 280 children are able to continue their education in a good learning environment.

 year ago

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About us

Molham Volunteering Team is a nonprofit, charitable organization founded in 2012 in Jordan, by a group of then university students. It aims at providing aid to internally displaced and refugee Syrians in northern Syria and neighbouring countries. The organization is registered in several countries around the world, including: Germany, Canada and Sweden.