The Team launches emergency campaigns to address the needs of civilians in distressed areas subject to bombings, displacement, or harsh weather conditions.

Idleb University- Dream Fund 2

  Started on : 4/1/2017


More than 500 students will stop the study because of their inability to pay the university fees ... student’s needs increased especially after waves of displacement to the northern Syrian. Idleb University provides an opportunity to continue education for these students in various scientific and literary specialty, despite the lack of International recognition, this university remains as a last hope for those students who lost their universities and did not leave Syria. 100$ only will cover medical students, engineering, science or other specialty for a whole semester. Once you donate to the campaign, we will sent you the student information that sponsored by you directly to your registered email.

Required Amount

10000 Dollar
Paid 793
Left 9207

  Stock : 25 Dollar

Number of Donors 4