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To support Humanitarian Relief Campaigns
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  Started on 07/06/2022
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During our work in camps and towns, we frequently meet children of various ages and names; we learn about their heartbreaking stories and the hardships they have endured. Through the Molham Events department, we aim to spread happiness among children; therefore, whenever we visit a camp, we will ask them about their wishes and dreams, and then work to make them a reality. Every day, Alloush (Ali) comes out of the tent and enjoys playing with his plastic vehicle toy. When we asked him what he wished for, he said, "My dream is to get a bicycle!". Their dreams are simple, and we will make them come true. With your contributions to the campaign, we will be able to buy Ali a bicycle and bring joy to the hearts of many deprived children who have lost their childhood.

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 7 months ago


While in the camp, we couldn't but notice Fahed. We were amazed by his invention. He was able to make something that made him happy with minimal resources.

Fahed is talented and he deserves to be rewarded by transforming his simple game into a new nice bicycle.

... اظهار المزيد

 7 months ago


Meet Abdulkarim and his friends!
During our visit to one of the camps, we watched them play a football match. After we got close to them and found the ball like this, we promised to bring them a new ball.


 7 months ago

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