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Eid Givings 12

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  Started on 26/06/2022
Unfortunately, thousands of children don’t have the luxury of experiencing the Eid vibes of getting new clothes or Eid money gift. For this reason, we’re launching an Eid Giving campaign just like every year. $30 will secure new Eid clothes, and $3 is the value of an Eid gift for a child in NW Syria and IDPs camps. This small donation will give children the chance of having a cheerful Eid and provide the opprtunity to draw a smile on their faces!

Campaign updates

 months ago

Look how bautiful Wafaa and her friend are!

The children in the Awtad Molham village are extremely happy with Eid, especially following years of miserable life.


 months ago


Abdurahman is one of our orphans who has lost his father in a chemical massacre.
Today, we were able to provide Abdurahman with true happiness, after we took him to choose Eid clothes.
Our day ended with a beautiful smile of him 💙.


 months ago


In similar days, Gufran used to shop with her father.
Although we aren't able to bring her father back, we went to the shop with her and choose Eid clothes. 💙


 months ago

We have spent a wonderful day with our orphans in Latakia, preparing them for Eid. !🎉
Now, it's your turn to have joy with their beautiful looks. 💙


 months ago


Thanks to your donations, we were able to provide children in Al bab with Eid clothings.


 months ago


We are ready for Eid with this beautiful outfit. Let's forget about sorrows and mebrace happiness. 
Photos during the Eid Clothes Campaign in a camp in Afrin. 100 children felt over the moon with Eid outfit they obtained.

 months ago


Look how charming these photos are. We had such an amazing day in the western countryside of Aleppo with these children whose smiles and happiness warmed our hearts. 

 months ago


She got the dream her martyred father had promised her! ❤️

Rimas loved using the color red to make beautiful paintings, and she now selected her favorite color for the clothing she had always wished to wear.


 months ago


We spent a beautiful day with the children in Idlib, choosing Eid clothes with their sweet laughter and joy!
They made us laugh so hard that we forgot about how tired we were.💙


 months ago


We managed to provide Eid Clothes for children in Idlib city during the first day of Eid Giving Campaign 🎉
The children were overjoyed to select their own Eid clothes 💙


 months ago


The children felt over the moon as they were buying Eid clothes as a part of the Eid Givings Campaign 12 in Azaz 💙


 months ago


Eid for children is all about new clothes and toys. Displaced children have no chance to get their eid without your support. Eid Givings 12 campaign is to offer them eid clothes and make their eid true.
Photos of previous Eid Giving campaigns within the last years.


 months ago


Eid Al-Adha is quickly approaching and to spread happiness and put a smile on people's faces, we launched "Eid Giving 12" campaign.


 3 months ago

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