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Iftar Meals - Ramadan 2023

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To support Humanitarian Relief Campaigns
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  Started on 13/03/2023
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The hearts haven’t healed of the displacement they have experienced, for the earthquake to come with pain and plant it in every house in Northern Syria. As pain and loss persist, the month of Ramadan returns, and we continue searching for ways to alleviate the effect and heaviness of suffering. With the iftar meals campaign, we will be working on providing fresh baskets including vegetables and chicken enough to support a family for two days. Each basket costs 15$ in addition to making group iftars inside of the camps, By donating, you’re proving that despite how huge the disaster is, you’re the greater good.

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Molham Volunteering Team is a nonprofit, charitable organization founded in 2012 in Jordan, by a group of then university students. It aims at providing aid to internally displaced and refugee Syrians in northern Syria and neighbouring countries. The organization is registered in several countries around the world, including: Germany, Canada and Sweden.