Case 15672

Saher's family needs your support

Your little donation transforms their reality.

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Saher's family is facing harsh living conditions. Saher's low wage can barely secure their living. In addition, Saher is ill and he had surgery recently. Besides, his son cannot work and support his family because he has a war injury due to the bombing. The family borrows to secure living. Therefore, they need your help to secure a food basket and some necessities. Your support can make a huge difference in their lives.

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 7 months ago

Case no. 15672 has been added by the Humanitarian Cases and and Medical Program.

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Molham Volunteering Team is a nonprofit, charitable organization founded in 2012 in Jordan, by a group of then university students. It aims at providing aid to internally displaced and refugee Syrians in northern Syria and neighbouring countries. The organization is registered in several countries around the world, including: Germany, Canada and Sweden.