Case 16360

A tumor is threatening a young girl's life, she is now in hospital and needs surgery!

Your little donation transforms their reality.

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Warda is a young girl living with her family in Lebanon after they fled away from the strikes in their city. She suddenly got ill and was therefore admitted to the hospital. As a consequence, they found a cancerous mass in her abdominal area. Warda is still in the hospital waiting for her surgery for tumor resection. But her family can not afford the cost required for the surgery due to their poor financial condition. Warda is not aware of how serious her condition is, as her family chose so for her mental state not to deteriorate. But her condition will keep getting worse if she does not undergo surgery. She needs your help. Do not give up on her!

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Case no. 16360 has been added by the Humanitarian Cases and and Medical Program.

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