Case 17275

Mukhles lives hard living conditions.

Your little donation transforms their reality.

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Humanitarian and Medical Cases
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Life was not easy for Mukhlas, especially after he was displaced from his home. He and his family in addition to his divorced daughter, and her daughter moved from one region to another in searching for security. These bad conditions obliged them to live in a modest two-room house. Despite his old age, Mukhles still works for daily wages to secure the family's needs, but his monthly income is not even enough for the house rent. What makes it even more oppressive is that his five-year-old daughter has a hole in the heart and she needs an urgent surgery to replace the valve. Allhamdu lil-Allah, the operation is free in Turkey, but the problem is that: Mukhles can not afford the transportation expenses of the child and her mother from Syria to Turkey. Now, he needs our donations to lighten his heavy burden and treat his daughter.

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Case no. 17275 has been added by the Humanitarian Cases and and Medical Program.

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