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A women with painful extremities

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Required Amount 250
Paid 250
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Rodus is an elderly woman born in 1967, lives in Ersal camps. She suffers from severe pains in her extremities. To start her treatment she needs an MRI which she can't offer its cost. She is in a dire need of your help to alleviate her pains.

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 3 months ago

Rhodes lives with her husband and family in a simple tent. They get financial support of 150$ from UNHCR to secure their needs. Unfortunately, Rhodes suffers from some pains and needs to see a doctor and do an MRI. She contacted us to help her secure the costs of the MRI. The MRI revealed that she has ligament rupture and needs surgical intervention. Now she is pr ... اظهار المزيد

 3 months ago

After the allocated amount has been spent and all other procedures were fulfilled, Case no. 3910 was closed :)

 9 months ago

Case no. 3910 has been added by the Humanitarian and Medical Cases Section.

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