Molham Volunteering Team

About Molham

Full Name: Molham Traifi

Date and Place of Birth: Jableh, Latakia, Syira

Date of Birth: 07/04/1986

Date of Death: 10/06/2012

Molham was a young Syrian man who studied in Latakia and graduated from the Business College of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport. When the Syrian Revolution started, he was one of the first young men who actively took part in the uprising, and was passionately seeing freedom and dignity for all Syrians. Like many other Syrians, as a result of his activism, Molham was arrested on 14/06/2011, where he was subjected to torture for a month. Then, upon release from detention, he left Syria. In spite of the distance, Molham never gave up on the Revolution, and his heart remained in Syria with the people. He eventually returned to his homeland to continue what he started along with fellow young men and women. A few months later, Molham was martyred in the countryside of Latakia. In his memory, a group of his friends planned a charitable event for refugees in Al-Zaatari camp, Jordan. They put on shirts bearing Molham's name, and distributed toys for refugee children in celebration of Eid.

From that moment on, Molham Volunteering Team has grown from a small relief group to a nonprofit organization registered in several countries in the world. The organization supports thousands of people every month, while Molham's name and story remain a reminder of the sublime principles that the young man died defending.

About us

Molham Volunteering Team is a nonprofit, charitable organization founded in 2012 in Jordan, by a group of then university students. It aims at providing aid to internally displaced and refugee Syrians in northern Syria and neighbouring countries. The organization is registered in several countries around the world, including: Germany, Canada and Sweden.