Inspire your Humanity

To be inspirational is to sow your seeds in the sky. To weave a pain-soothing dress out of laughter. To erase hardships with hope. To create an invincible bridge out of optimism. To be inspiring is... To build a glorious future for people whose pasts were stolen. To construct a road full of knowledge to strengthen the weak. To liberate those accustomed to captivity.

About Molham

Molham Traifi was an exceptional young man from the city of Jableh. He was among the first voices calling for freedom and defying the Syrian regime, which detained and tortured him for nearly a month. Upon his release in June 2011, he spent a few months with his family in Saudi Arabia. However, Molham could not bear to leave his country behind. He then returned to Syria, risking his life to continue serving others. Molham was killed in government shelling on the city of Salma, Lattakia on June 10, 2012.

“ Determined to honor him and carry his legacy, a group of his friends founded “Molham Volunteering Team” on October 6, 2012.