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An amount of 155867 dollar from donations made in the last 24 hours has been received.

28 January 2022

Case no. 13842 has been added by the Humanitarian and Medical Cases Section.


$2 million and the dream is true!

We celebrate the end of the misery of 500 families. We no longer believe it is impossible to fold all tents 

The world is brighter with your support!

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Right now, fuel oil for heating was distributed to families in Arsal camps to help them face the great suffering they are experiencing during the snowstorm ongoing for days.

The team's volunteers are mobilized in all our work areas with one goal which is to relieve the suffering of the largest number of families!

We bumped into the beautiful children while working in Arsal Refugee camps. All of their tough circumstances didn’t take away their priceless smiles!

‏We reached more than a thousand families and provided them with fuel oil for heating.

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Nothing’s heartwarming more than finding someone who cares for your sufferings and pain.

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During the most critical time of the snowstorm, we were able to be by the side of the refugee families in Beqaa camps by providing them with diesel as heating supplies!

An amount of 950 dollars from donations made in the last 24 hours has been spent.

An amount of 226042 dollar from donations made in the last 24 hours has been received.

27 January 2022

This documentary explains it all: hope after despair, safety and stability after displacement, and empowerment after helplessness!

"I feel like I'm back home, thank God for this feeling!"

Abu Muhammad said while moving the camp to housing units.

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Molham Volunteering Team is a NPO registered in Germany, Turkey, Jordan, Sweden, and Canada, brought together by a group of Syrian students. It aims at providing aid to internally displaced persons in Syria and Syrian refugees living in camps of the neighboring countries.

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