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In the midst of loneliness, who lights the path of the children other than the children themselves?

In the midst of loneliness, who lights the path of the children other than the children themselves?

18 August 2023

Have you ever seen someone planting roses on a thorny path? Or someone sharing their food with their neighbors? Have you seen a nation standing alone? Or were you one of them?

Since the first call in the Great March of 2011.. Perhaps the voice that called out in the first demonstration did not expect that there would be another one repeating and supporting it, and the ears that felt the fear and anticipation of the first call would soon reassure and calmed, as if the symbol is “the Syrians people will not be humiliated” took an oath to live in the heart of whoever heard it and to bear the responsibility of answering it, working on it, and living it. 

The events quickly escalated from peaceful demonstrations to sit-ins, and from Friday protests to strikes. Days turned into years, and now it has been twelve years since the Syrian revolution began. When the people’s victory was their rejection of injustice, an injustice resulted in displacement and detention, bombing and destruction, pain and displacement, along with tears. 

But they stood up! and cleaned the dust of their helplessness, as the northern region of Syria witnessed valuable support and solidarity, which is by no means less than what each Syrian province has witnessed during the years of the revolution.

The support wasn’t limited to anyone, starting from rescuing the stranded with light equipment and individual efforts, and ending with providing shelter, food, and clothes, as everything was lost. 

Their victory in those days full of death was like winning the World Cup when a soul comes alive from under the rubble, and even more! As this is the victory of all, a victory surrounded by sincere prayers from millions!

The individual efforts continue. Supporting hospitals, and establishing medical points and mobile clinics became the priority after rescuing the stranded. Doctors arrived from all over the world, answering the call of those who migrated from their homeland, but did not abandon their hearts and principles, only to heal the wounds of those who suffer. And this is a great goal, if only you knew; like the goals of the revolution.

All faces are exhausted and tired .. a man crying in one neighborhood hidden from sight, a child in pain in a hospital, wishing there was a hand to hold, calls that were let down by countries by countries but answered by people and cities, individual campaigns supported by nothing but prayers, and attempts to deliver aid to those in Northern Syria, and indeed … it has arrived!

Life did not stop only on the earth struck by earthquakes, it stopped for those miles away from it, and moved to initiatives in various countries and attempts to speak on behalf of the grieving and the concerned, seminars, and promotional campaigns. No loud voice brought all these people together, but they all had the voice of the heart and its living conscience!

Honest steps towards rebuilding, because the land is destroyed, and who will build it … if not its children?

The children of the land responded to the call “ Syrians don’t give up” for years and years, and from now on … they will not welcome any disaster that has happened or will happen on Earth. Still, they will always live by their saying: yes, the people .. always stand in solidarity with people!