The Team seeks to secure relief for medical conditions, to prioritize support according to medical need and urgency, and to follow up on treatments until full recovery.

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A child in need for CT scans and recovery costs.

Imad is a child living with with his family in a humble house, in one of Amman's streets, after they ...


Amount  298
Left  0

A Girl Child in Need of Medical Care

Jyda is a little girl who has not yet completed her second year, but has suffered from the horror an ...


Amount  740
Left  0

A Lady Needs to Recharge her Pacemaker

This is a story of an elderly woman who has suffered from a heart disease and was forced to change t ...


Amount  2100
Left  1822

A Man in Need of treatment Expenses

Abd al-Mawla is an elderly man who lives with his family in Jordan and suddenly had a speech disorde ...


Amount  2100
Left  1669

A Little Girl in Need of Treatment Expenses

Aisha is a seven-year-old girl who was severely burned with her house after a bombardment in Syria. ...


Amount  630
Left  0

A Young Man in Urgent Need of Surgical Intervention

Hossam is a young refugee in Jordan who recently underwent an unpleasant accident in which the bone ...


Amount  1375
Left  1075

A Poor Sick Lady Seeking a Safe Baby Delivery

In less than a month, Kawthar is being a mother. This lady who had a stroke in the lung and suffers ...


Amount  446
Left  301

A Young Benevolent Man in Need of Treatment Expenses

After the young man Bassel suffered from severe pain, the medical examinations demonstrated that he ...


Amount  945
Left  660

A Baby in Need of Urgent Treatment

Ibrahim is a five-year-old refugee in Lebanon who suffers from chronic inflammation in both ears, to ...


Amount  735
Left  0

chemotherapy needed for a father

Ahmad a father for 3 kids was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma, he is receiving chemotherapy to contr ...


Amount  2625
Left  353

Surgery for a newborn

Ameer, less than 3 months of age, with Gastrointestinal congenital defects, leading to problems in d ...


Amount  2961
Left  700

a child needs surgery

Yahia, 8 years old, was injured after a wooden wardrobe fell over him, he has a right thigh bone fra ...


Amount  892
Left  447