The Team seeks to secure relief for medical conditions, to prioritize support according to medical need and urgency, and to follow up on treatments until full recovery.

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A young man needs a surgical operation

A young refugee man in Jordan is suffering from hernia and a stone in the ureter. He needs to do som ...


Amount  670
Left  565

A Young Woman Needs Treatment

Inas is a young refugee woman in Jordan who had a kidney transplant. Due to a medical mistake, Inas ...


Amount  2625
Left  2105

A Young Man Suffers from a Work Injury

Ammar is a refugee in Jordan. He lives there by himself and works in the construction field. During ...


Amount  1000
Left  675

A child needs a biopsy

Ayham , has an end-stage kidney failure which led to anemia. He needs a biopsy, a kidney operation, ...


Amount  5600
Left  3570

A Young Man with An Amputated Leg

Ousama is a 20 years old young man who lost his leg due to a war injury. Ousama is still young and h ...


Amount  1575
Left  1364

A patient with multiple sclerosis - a neurological condition

A young man who suffers from multiple sclerosis, which is a condition that affects his muscles makin ...


Amount  1050
Left  988

A Cancer Patient Needs Treatment

Mona is a refugee in Jordan who suffers from Breast and Lung Cancer. Her health condition is extreme ...


Amount  4450
Left  3473

A young man needs cerebral mass removal surgery

Mohammed is a young refugee in Lebanon , a tumor was found in his head that makes pressure on some n ...


Amount  3675
Left  2775

A refugee in urgent need of a surgical opertation

A refugee in Lebanon is in need of a cataract operation and lens implantation to regain vision, he l ...


Amount  1050
Left  950

A Young Man Threatened to be Amputated

Ahmad is a young refugee man in Turkey who was injured in his thigh. The injury caused his veins and ...


Amount  4200
Left  3608

A Cancer Patient

Maher's family might lose him if his treatment costs aren't covered soon enough. Maher has lung canc ...


Amount  4200
Left  2242

An Injured Man Needs a Surgery

Mohamad is a refugee who lives in Turkey but suffers from a deformation and bone destruction in his ...


Amount  3675
Left  3665