The Team seeks to secure relief for medical conditions, to prioritize support according to medical need and urgency, and to follow up on treatments until full recovery.

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A child in need for a surgery

Alaa is a 12 years old girl, she suffers from scoliosis in her spine. She needs immediate medical at ...


Amount  3150
Left  1413

Cancer Case

Waseem is almost a 10 years old child, he is suffering from hepatic carcinoma which causes hepatitis ...


Amount  1575
Left  935

A Child in need for an urgent surgery

Mohammed is a child who is suffering from Esophageal Cancer. The Cancer caused a congestion in his m ...


Amount  2578
Left  1787

A child in need for treatment expenses

Nader is only one year old, he has congenital malformations that affect and cause damage to his Urin ...


Amount  3465
Left  1946

A girl needs an operation

Aisha, A 2 year old girl suffers from atypical gonadal suprarenal syndrome which casuses a pigmentai ...


Amount  1145
Left  695

A cancer patient needs treatment

Wafaa is an elderly woman who suffers from cancerous lumps on the left colon. She had a surgery wher ...


Amount  1176
Left  1091

A woman needs medical earphones

Fatima is a woman who lives with her family and children in Syria. Due to the intense shelling on He ...


Amount  1050
Left  832

Young girl needing surgery expenses

Hebatullah is a young girl, refugee with her family in Lebanon. She suffered a very tragic injury wh ...


Amount  1800
Left  1558

A patient needs a surgery

Waleed is a father of two children who live in Jordan. He was injured in his right wrist and he had ...


Amount  1038
Left  836

Patient needing urgent catheterization

Uncle Jamal is a father of six, they lost their house due to the shelling and they became displaced. ...


Amount  2835
Left  2129

Young man needing surgery expenses

Abdullah is a young man who suffered an injury by a shrapnel which caused complete paralysis in the ...


Amount  1260
Left  1205

Patient suffering from Multiple Sclerosis needing medication

Lina is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, this disease holds polio attacks on the patient's body an ...


Amount  1575
Left  1116