The Team seeks to secure relief for medical conditions, to prioritize support according to medical need and urgency, and to follow up on treatments until full recovery.

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A woman needs an operation expanses.

Mona , a refugee woman lives in Jordan and mother for 5 children suffers from an umbilical hernia, b ...


Amount  889
Left  889

A woman needs an operation expanses.

Amal, a mother to 3 children, went to Jordan,with her family looking for safety, suffers from polycy ...


Amount  740
Left  690

A young male needs surgical operation

Amin, lives with his family in Syria, because of mine exploded near him he got his spine and spinal ...


Amount  4095
Left  4055

A female child needs treatment expanses cover.

Kefaa, a 4 year old girl refugee with her family living in Jordan and suffers from an acute renal fa ...


Amount  5173
Left  5100

A young male suffers from an immunologic disease.

A young male suffers from Crhon's disease, it is an immunologic disease. Yahya suffers from recurren ...


Amount  180
Left  150

Woman needing surgery expenses

Entisar is a refugee with her family in Jordan, she is suffering from the presence of gallstones (1. ...


Amount  740
Left  740

Child needing treatment expenses

Kawthar is a refugee child with her family in Jordan. She suffers from cerebral palsy due to lack of ...


Amount  520
Left  520

A refugee needing catheterization

Thana' is a refugee who's condition is very severe, as she suffers from the blockage of the coronary ...


Amount  623
Left  613

Child suffering from Autism

Musa is a child who suffers from hyperactivity, indications of Autism and Anarthria . He needs to un ...


Amount  742
Left  742

A young man injured by a shell in his foot

Hamza is a refugee who was injured by a shell in Aleppo which caused his nerve in his left foot to g ...


Amount  126
Left  126

Child needing adenoid surgery

Qasim is an orphan child suffering from the deflection of the nasal passages and acute and recurrent ...


Amount  158
Left  158

Child needing medical expenses

Ahmad is a six year old boy in refuge with his family in Turkey. He suffered severe inflammation in ...


Amount  105
Left  105