The Team seeks to secure relief for medical conditions, to prioritize support according to medical need and urgency, and to follow up on treatments until full recovery.

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A child suffers from cerebral atrophy

Rawan, a 7 years old little girl, who suffers from cerebral atrophy. Her condition led to movement ...


Amount  275
Left  150

A Elderly Man In Need of an Urgent Ocular Surgery

Abdul Basit is an elderly man who is a breadwinner for his family. However, he was forced to stop wo ...


Amount  348
Left  200

A female suffers from breast cancer

Hayat, a mother who lives in very poor financial status with her family since her husband can't work ...


Amount  735
Left  460

C-section surgery

Nour a pregnant lady in her last month and she needs a C-section.Her family can't afford to cover he ...


Amount  224
Left  100

A Young Man Needs a Podiatric Surgery

Abdul Razak is a young man who was injured due to the shelling in Syria and he underwent several sur ...


Amount  300
Left  190

A Cancer Patient Needs Chemotherapy

Mou'menat is a cancer patient who has been diagnosed with colon cancer five months ago. She underwen ...


Amount  525
Left  410

Treatment for a cancer patient

Maher, the only breadwinner in his family , suffers from lung cancer with an increased risk of metas ...


Amount  4142
Left  4032

Open heart surgery for a patient

Imad, a patient who has been suffering for two years from atherosclerosis and went through stent imp ...


Amount  4445
Left  4207

Urgent surgery for a patient

Meri, a father of five kids and a refugee in Jordan. He suffers from prostatic hyperplasia and needs ...


Amount  1346
Left  1326

A refugee need treatment cost

Nadera, a refugee in Lebanon, suffer from neck and lymph nodes cancer, she needs urgent medical chec ...


Amount  710
Left  690

little girl need urgent surgey

Marwa an orphan pretty girl. suffer from nephritis, pyelonephritis and urine infection. previous Su ...


Amount  6825
Left  4860

A Child Needs Chemotherapy

Waddah, a child, has been diagnosed with cancer a year ago and there's a possibility that cancer can ...


Amount  2226
Left  1750