The Team seeks to secure relief for medical conditions, to prioritize support according to medical need and urgency, and to follow up on treatments until full recovery.

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A Man in Need of an Urgent Operation

Wael is a married man and a father of five children. He suddenly began to suffer from severe pain an ...


Amount  2226
Left  1912

A lady Needs Surgery

Nadia is an old lady who has no one to sponsor her, and is a refugee alone in Jordan. She is sufferi ...


Amount  750
Left  401

A Man in Need of Corneal transplantation

Since birth uncle Youssef has suffered from poor vision. After he escaped from Syira with his family ...


Amount  2489
Left  1628

A female needs a cyst removal

Marwa, a refugee student in Jordan with her family and her 7 year old child. Her husband was detain ...


Amount  2220
Left  766

A lady in need of surgery

Sana'a is a sweet lady who suffers from sever arthritis and Spinal disc herniation which causes unbe ...


Amount  1365
Left  930

A lady in need of surgery

Maisa'a is a sweet lady who lives in Syria. She has Goitre (enlarged thyroid gland) which leads to f ...


Amount  819
Left  609

A young man in need for a Disc back surgery

Refugee in Europe A young man and the sole breadwinner of his family is living as a refugee abroad, ...


Amount  1780
Left  537

A Lady in Need of Therapy Expenses

Marwa is a lady who lives with her husband and children in Turkey and suffers from acute gastritis r ...


Amount  162
Left  0

A Lady Waiting for Caesarean Section

Marwa is a pregnant young woman who is diagnosed to undergo caesarean section in the near future. Ma ...


Amount  315
Left  0

A Woman in Need of Surgical Intervention

After a long suffering from severe stomach pains and remaining bedridden for several days, this pati ...


Amount  525
Left  0

A Coma Patient Needs to Cover the Hospital Expenses Urgently

Mohammed is a young refugee who lives with his wife and two children in Jordan. After a severe brain ...


Amount  4454
Left  0

A Child in Need of a Surgical Intervention

Youssef is a child who was born with a narrow ureter and a chronic lesion, and regrettably he has be ...


Amount  390
Left  0