The Team seeks to secure relief for medical conditions, to prioritize support according to medical need and urgency, and to follow up on treatments until full recovery.

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Young woman needing a scope operation

Abeer is a young woman; she's the only breadwinner for her family and is suffering from a blood bag ...


Amount  2221
Left  1886

Patient needing medication and nutrition

Mohammed is suffering from tuberculosis in the abdomen, in addition to severe ulcers and infections ...


Amount  263
Left  122

A diabetic patinet who is in. Eed of medication

Ahmed, is a refugee in Jordan along with his family, added to his shoulder injury from when he fell ...


Amount  288
Left  288

A child who needs treatment

Emarat is a beautiful four-year old girl.. She couldn't live normally for her condition of Thalassem ...


Amount  741
Left  636

An elderly who's is need of an urgent operation

Fayad, is an elderly man who suffers from urine retention and Testicular hypertrophy. He needs an op ...


Amount  670
Left  630

Young man needing surgery

Hussam; a young man suffering from water bags on his brain, affecting his life and mainly his vision ...


Amount  1050
Left  540

A little girl, needs hearing aid.

Tasnim, an orphan little girl. Her father martyred due to the bombardment. She suffers from complet ...


Amount  1890
Left  1690

An urgent surgery needed

Mustafa is a diabetes patient, he has a broken bone that needs a surgery to be healed and he cannot ...


Amount  1918
Left  1908

Female patient needing chemotherapy doses

Kulthoom, a mother suffering from uterus cancer، she has undergone hysterectomy surgery, but still n ...


Amount  2100
Left  1585

Young man needing urgent surgery

Khaled, a young man who was shot by a sniper causing fragmentation in his hand bone requiring urgent ...


Amount  1470
Left  1200

A child needs tonsillectomy surgery

Ousama is a five years old child who needs tonsillectomy surgery. His parents are Unemployed due to ...


Amount  525
Left  385

Patient needs kidney resection

Ibrahim a father of nine children suffering from acute and chronic inflammation in his left kidney. ...


Amount  735
Left  415