The Team seeks to secure relief for medical conditions, to prioritize support according to medical need and urgency, and to follow up on treatments until full recovery.

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Child needs eye glasses

A child suffering from astigmatism, eye surgery might be needed later. He needs eye glasses urgently ...


Amount  163
Left  0

refugee lady need caesarean

A pregnant refugee lady needs an urgent caesarean operation to deliver, in addition to a large mass ...


Amount  494
Left  0

Eldery lady suffer from diabetes

Wafa elderly lady suffering from severe diabetes, which in turn led to many other health problems, n ...


Amount  210
Left  195

lady in need of treatment costs

Basherah an old lady suffer from a slipped disc vertebrae, causing sever pain and needed immediate ...


Amount  1260
Left  1140

Refugee with breast cancer

Elham a refugee with breast cancer, she is under treatment from six months, but her condition wors ...


Amount  895
Left  773

A patient needs a heart surgery

AbdulBasset, a father of three children, is suffering from severe Pneumoarctia and he is in urgent n ...


Amount  1935
Left  1670

Refugee need urgent surgery

Abdul Hamid suffers cysts on lungs,which causes him short breath even when when doing simple things, ...


Amount  4870
Left  3732

young man injured by shell fragments

Khalid suffers sever shredding in the left thigh bone, fragmentation of the right foot bone and tend ...


Amount  420
Left  240

A Patient Needs a Cardiac catheterization

Mohamad Tayseer Hajj, 62 years old man, suffers from a blocked artery and needs medical test with th ...


Amount  540
Left  4

Taher Suffers from Clogged Arteries

Taher, an elderly, needs an open heart surgery due to a chronic artery blockage. His financial and l ...


Amount  1050
Left  830

A refugee needs surgery costs

Mohamad, a father and breadwinner for his family of eight members, suffered from a gallstone in the ...


Amount  1365
Left  1255

A family can not afford rent

Samar have fled to E'zaz-Homs with her little kids. for about 3 Months she was wandering around many ...


Amount  840
Left  523