The Team seeks to secure relief for medical conditions, to prioritize support according to medical need and urgency, and to follow up on treatments until full recovery.

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Child needing several surgeries

Huzaifa is a two year old child suffering since birth from hypoxia resulting in many congenital malf ...


Amount  1575
Left  1466

Lady needing a curettage surgery

Shireen is a young girl living with her family in the camp in a very bad condition and her husband i ...


Amount  420
Left  200

Lady suffering from bowel cancer

Haniya is a lady suffering from bowel cancer and is in need of chemotherapy sessions, she requires t ...


Amount  3150
Left  2860

Hala under the risk of cancer!

Hala was born with nevus on her back that could possibly turn into skin cancer if it doesn’t g ...


Amount  16000
Left  6972

A patient is in need of treatment expenses

Khalid is a refugee in Jordan who lives in Al-Hussein Camp, He experienced sudden waist pain and wa ...


Amount  267
Left  256

Young man injured in his nervous system

Ayham is a 20-year-old man, he had an injury in 2016 that damaged his nervous system, causing his mo ...


Amount  1050
Left  846

Patient suffering from breast cancer

Basima is a lady suffering from breast cancer, in addition to an enlarged lymph node under her left ...


Amount  2219
Left  1264

Child needing surgery

Omar is an 8-year-old boy, he had a traffic accident and lost a lot of blood in addition he suffered ...


Amount  2514
Left  771

A refugee in Jordan suffering from Polycystic ovary

Nisreen is a refugee in Jordan, she was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary four years ago and her finan ...


Amount  1036
Left  941

A young lady in need for Chemotherapy

A refugee living in Jordan with her family is suffering Lymph nodes cancer, which is causing a Tumor ...


Amount  2820
Left  482

Female patient needing chemotherapy doses

Kulthoom, a mother suffering from uterus cancer، she has undergone hysterectomy surgery, but still n ...


Amount  2100
Left  1197

A refugee got in a car accident

Mostafa has serious injuries in his head and arm after a car accident. He needs financial support to ...


Amount  1050
Left  625