The Team launches emergency campaigns to address the needs of civilians in distressed areas subject to bombings, displacement, or harsh weather conditions.

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Support Ghouta

Helping families in shelters with the essential needs


Amount  150000
Left  67362

Screams of Ghouta

To secure funds for the most urgent cases in Ghouta


Amount  50000
Left  13205

The great campaign of Idlib

To provide basic needs for more than 200.000 refugees


Amount  100000
Left  58240

Cure campaign

Medical campaign to help Syrian refugees with severe burns and wounds.


Amount  10000
Left  6464

Gifts for Children

Collect gifts for 2,000 Children in Norther Syria


Amount  10000
Left  8052

Emergency Cases Funds

A fund dedicated to provide medical expenses support to urgent medical cases to save lives.


Amount  10000
Left  2098

Winter boots for kids

winter boots for children of refugees camps in northern Syria


Amount  10000
Left  4574